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  • July 6, 2020

Five Ideal Boiler Problems and Repairs

Five Ideal Boiler Problems and Repairs

Five Ideal Boiler Problems and Repairs 150 150

Five Ideal Boiler Problems and Repairs

Ideal boilers have been Good Housekeeping Reader Recommended. A boiler is like a car; no matter how well you look after it, there is always a possibility of an issue. The guide below will include information on the most common boiler problems and how to deal with them. Sometimes there is a chance you may be able to solve the problem yourself, other times you will need a Gas Safe registered engineer. Five Ideal Boiler Problems and Repairs Compare Boiler Quotes


Five Ideal boiler common issues:


The boiler is not working:

Will your boiler not turn on? Often this is an electrical issue or a wiring problem. The circuit board is usually to blame.

Next Step: Test the plug socket, unplug the boiler and use a lamp or a small object which needs electricity in the same plug socket.

  • If the plug socket is working, as usual, you need to contact a Gas Safe engineer.


The boiler will not ignite:

Has your Ideal boiler failed to start? If you attempt to start it three times, the boiler will go into a safety lockout mode. You will know your boiler has locked out as bright orange light will show.

The above fault with some Ideal combi boilers is quite common. The error is usually with the ignition and flame sensors or the ignition leads.

Next Step: Reset your boiler and try to ignite it once more. If your Ideal boiler still fails to start or you hear noises from your boiler, then contact a Gas Safe engineer who will inspect the ignition leads and the sensors.


The boiler is showing a fault code of a flame:

If the fault code F2 shows on the boiler display, it usually means there is a problem with the gas pressure, flue, fan, or the gas valve.

When you encounter a flame loss problem, your Ideal boiler will usually display the F2 fault code. This fault could stem from an issue with the flue, gas pressure, gas valve, electrical failure, or the fan.

Next Step: Are your other gas appliances working? If not, contact your gas supply if the gas appliances are working or contact a Gas Safe engineer to solve the issue.

Water leaking from the boiler:

Boilers leaking water can be a severe issue. This could be caused by a loose or faulty pump, water pressure problems, damaged seals, or a broken heat exchanger.

Next Step: If you have a leaking boiler, call a Gas Safe engineer as soon as possible. If your boiler is switched on, turn it off. The engineer will take the boiler apart to look at the internal parts. Never attempt to take your boiler apart by yourself.


The boiler is leaking or making noises:

This is caused by an issue blocking from the boiler to the condensate pipe.

Next Step: Firstly, turn the boiler off.

  • If you feel confident to do so, you can remove the condensate trap to try to clear the blockage.
  • Secondly, use a bowl under the boiler to catch the water, which may drip from the trap while you clear out the blockage.
  • Contact a Gas Safe engineer if you do not want to attempt this yourself.


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