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  • August 11, 2020

Firebird Oil Boilers, Oil Boilers and Alternatives.

Firebird Oil Boilers, Oil Boilers and Alternatives.

Firebird Oil Boilers, Oil Boilers and Alternatives. 150 150

Firebird Oil Boilers, Oil Boilers and Alternatives. Compare Boiler Quotes

When it comes to oil boilers, there are fewer choices than the vast range of combi and regular boilers available on the UK market. There are boiler companies that focus specifically on oil boilers such as Firebird Oil Boilers and Grant Oil BoilersOther major manufacturers also have their own range of oil boilers. These range from the Worcester Bosch Greenstar Heatslave II, The Viessmann oil boiler range, and other large manufacturers.


Alternative Oil Boilers, Internal and External:


Firebird Oil Boilers, Oil Boilers and Alternatives. Compare Boiler QuotesAlthough Firebird are the standard in oil boilers in the UK, the Worcester Bosch Greenstar Heatslave II is also a top pick. The Worcester Bosch Greenstar Heatslave II is a condensing boiler that can be installed externally, So it doesn’t occupy precious space in your home. This range includes an array of highly efficient, cost-effective, compact and space saving options that make it easy to find a suitable high-performance oil boiler for your property. 

The Heatslave II boiler can provide central heating and hot water for up to 12 hours at a time, with a maximum capacity of 1,000 litres of heated water per hour. 

If you choose an internal model, you can accommodate it in a kitchen unit due to its compact dimensions. Both Firebird and Enviromax have system boilers, but use a hot water storage cistern, which is the crucial difference between a combination and a system or oil system boiler. 

The boiler is highly efficient, which will help to keep your energy costs down, and the hot water tank is kept out of the way, giving you the opportunity to use the hottest water whenever you need it, so it is suitable for a larger family home. 

Remember, if you are off the gas grid like 4 million other UK homes, you may have to switch to an oil or electric boiler in order to heat your home and heat hot water.


Firebird Enviromax Systems:


Firebird Oil Boilers, Oil Boilers and Alternatives. Compare Boiler QuotesThe Enviromax Systempac is a system boiler with an integrated frost thermostat, heat exchanger and hot water tank, as well as air cooling. 

With two fixed outputs of 20kW all the way up to 44kW, the Enviromax system and its SystemPac are the most powerful and affordable blue flame oil boilers available on the market. 

Firebird are amazing systems with a fixed power of up to 44 kW, it offers affordable technology at a price of only £2-3,000. This is more initial cost than other boiler types, but the output is much larger and efficiency levels of oil boilers are up to 98%! Making money savings on annual bills a lot more than other systems.


Firebird Blue Flame Boilers:


MHG Heiztechnik GmbH has developed the blue flame burners used by Firebird. The principles of Blue Flame technology are simple and have been demonstrated by many companies in the “Blue Burner” range from firebird and a number of other manufacturers. FireBird has worked in partnership with MHG for many years and together they have developed a wide range of oil-fired condensing boilers for use in many types of industrial and commercial applications. 

Each boiler provides low-maintenance, long-life functionality and  highly engineered components. All FIrebird blue flame boilers include high-quality components such as heat exchangers, heat pumps, valves and other parts that are of the highest and exact engineering standards. 

Firebird condensing boilers have been rated by Compare Boiler Quotes as the most efficient on the market in terms of heat flow, heat transfer, heat absorption and cooling. 

Firebird is constantly striving to improve its reach by using the latest technology, which has led to a number of industry innovations for the company. Firebird, for example, was the first manufacturer of a SEDBUK type – rated as a combi boiler, the first and still the only one of its kind in the UK. 


Continued Efficiency Development:


Firebird Oil Boilers, Oil Boilers and Alternatives. Compare Boiler QuotesBy continuing to invest in the latest processes, the company is one of the leading manufacturers, and higher efficiency levels can help reduce energy costs. Efficiency assessments show how much fuel is converted into usable energy. If fossil fuels are burned, not all of the fuel can be converted into usable gas, as this process produces exhaust gas. 

The Firebird oil boiler system heats the central heating system by providing hot water in cylinders. They burn oil to generate heat that can be used for central heating or hot water. 

If you are looking for an oil boiler, you cannot go wrong at all with the Firebird, and it is very likely that your neighbours have one if you are off the grid as they are suitable for pretty much everyone looking for an oil boiler. 

Whether you choose an oil boiler or a normal electric boiler – alternative and highly efficient boilers are a good choice for your home, business, office or even your second home. 

According to our extensive research and experience the average size oil boiler in the UK is a 26 kW oil boiler. The average installed price is around £3000. This is for a more traditional heating system, including heat pump, piping, thermostat, heat exchanger and testing. The boiler is supplied with mains cold water, so you will be supplied with the water in your house and hot water is then quickly generated inside the oil boiler system. 

A heat exchanger transfers the heat from the cold water to the heated water, which can then be used as a radiator, tap or shower for heating or hot water. In the case of a boiler, the fuel oil is displayed in the combustion chamber, and works at optimal efficiency, making oil boilers a popular choice for households not connected to a gas network. 




Firebird Oil Boilers, Oil Boilers and Alternatives. Compare Boiler QuotesAs a leading researcher of home heating systems, the Compare Boiler Quotes team have looked into several oil-fired boiler solutions, including the award-winning MPO IQ ™ which is only available in the United States, we still like to review and look into any advancing boiler technology. The oil boiler you choose must be measured in terms of energy efficiency, warranty and performance and compared with the advantages and disadvantages, as well as the cost of oil boilers for replacement

To help you find a new oil boiler, compare the cost of replacing an oil boiler with the cost of replacing a Firebird oil boiler by looking at our other pricing reviews. 

With Firebird and other boiler systems recommended by us, you know you’re getting one of the most vetted systems on the marker. If you need a new boiler quote then visit our easy boiler calculator at today!

Thanks again for reading and check back often for new articles and helpful tips and tricks.

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