• May 25, 2020

Combi Boiler Installation Cost

Combi Boiler Installation Cost

Combi Boiler Installation Cost 150 150

Combi Boiler Installation Cost Compare Boiler Quotes

We know how difficult it is to find a new boiler system with so many confusing options out there. That’s why Compare Boiler Quotes are here to break down all the information and provide the best options for you.

If you have found boilers available online, you probably want to know the combi boiler installation costs.

As with other boilers, combi boilers are installed by a gas safe professional and it is imperative that you find someone trustworthy to install a decent system with the safety aspect in mind.

We have provided the below information after years of experience and research 

The prices used are representative of an average mid-range boiler and include a standard installation. 

There could however be additional costs for which you need a custom boiler quote

  • Building work needs to be performed in order to move the boiler
  • Gas piping needs replacing to fit the chosen boiler
  • A condensate pipe needs installing when switching systems
  • Removal of cylinders and tanks if switching from a system or regular boiler
  • Installer requires additional tools to complete your installation


There are other issues which can arise with a new boiler installation so ask your professional fitter or gas engineer for a specific quote and then compare this with online providers. 

Due your due diligence as a new boiler system is one of the most expensive items in your home!

As a local company, our partner Boiler Central can give you a quote which is low like your local provider, but backed by a national brand.

Combi Boiler Installation Cost Compare Boiler Quotes

So how much are Combi Boilers to Install?


The estimated prices will vary depending on the area you live in, using a national brand or local company, or even the time of the year. 

You can expect to pay around £1,700 – £3,500 for the supplying of a new combi boiler and installation. 

This is to replace like for like without a complicated install. 


Before you choose which combi boiler you want to install, you need to first make sure that you choose a reputable company and get a good price. It is important to check around for companies who offer great pricing, a long warranty, and who guarantee their services.


Energy Supplier Combi Boiler Costs.


After compiling a list, we have provided the below information regarding the top energy suppliers boiler installation costs. We tend to prefer smaller, local companies however if you wish to stick with your current power provider then check our list below. 

Combi Boiler Installation Cost Compare Boiler Quotes

E.ON – They will fit you a new boiler for a cost in the region of £2,500 and £4,500 


Combi Boiler Installation Cost Compare Boiler Quotes


Npower – They will cost around £2800 to £4000 for a new boiler installation.


Combi Boiler Installation Cost Compare Boiler Quotes


British Gas –  Will cost you anywhere from £2,900 and £4,000 for a new combi boiler.


Combi Boiler Installation Cost Compare Boiler Quotes


EDF Energy –  A new combi boiler will cost anywhere from £1,500 to £3,500 


Installation Costs Based on Varying Factors:


You may wish to switch from a regular boiler system to a combi boiler system, or move your current system to a new location. We will factor in certain elements and give you a 

The cost to Replace an existing gas combi boiler in the same position and with a similar model will be anywhere from £600 to £1000.

If you wish to replace a combi boiler with an older type of cylinder system the cost will be anywhere from  £2,000 to £3,000

To replace a non condensing system with a new condensing combi boiler will cost anywhere from £650 to £1200.

Moving your boiler to a completely new location will cost anywhere from  £1,500 to £1,800

Hopefully these average prices will help you to make a decision on your next new combi boiler. 

But what about the manufacturer’s installation pricing?


How Much do Manufacturers Charge to Install a Combi Boiler?


Let’s take a look at some of the top manufacturer’s and what their average pricing is for a boiler and complete install

Manufacturer Avg.Price of Boiler Install Cost Average Total
Valliant  £900 £1000 £1900
Worcester £900 £900 £1800
Glowworm  £1000 £900 £1900
Ideal £1100 £950 £2050
Vokera £1100 £850 £1950
Potterton £800 £800 £1,600


Average Costs Overall.


In terms of average costs, a new boiler can be bought for around £600 on its own.

For the largest and best models, the cost can be as high at £1800. 

Once you factor in the cost of installation, the average combi boiler is £1200, plus installation so around £1900.


If you find a good local company, you can get this much more cheaply and have a local fitter who can help you with maintenance and your annual service as well so we do recommend this. 


Local contractors will charge around £1700 on average for a new combi boiler installation. 

What Do we Recommend?


As we have stated in this article, we highly recommend using a local company or one who is more family owned than the big traditional suppliers. This is because they are more intimate in their approach to customer service (and don’t have shareholders to please!). You can save hundreds on your installation and servicing so we’d do our research on each local company before you decide who to go with. 

We personally work with our partner company Boiler Central. They have a unique boiler quote calculator which will ask you 9 simple questions about your home. 

Once you answer these questions, you will be presented with a quote for your home specifically. This means that this is the price you pay. 

You can also book an installation date online, and apply for flexible financing. You can also pay up front and have the piece of mind that a reputable company is going to install your next new combi boiler for you without hassle.

Boiler Central can also handle your boiler cover with plans to suit anyone’s needs. From as little as £13.99 a month you can have your boiler covered for most breakdowns. For a little more a month you can have your boiler covered, serviced annually, and also have your central heating and electrics covered. Check them out for more information. 

Thanks again for reading, we hope you have learned something from our article.

Combi Boiler Installation Cost Compare Boiler Quotes


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