• February 21, 2020

boiler service checklist

boiler service checklist

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Boiler Service Checklist – What does a boiler service include ?boiler service checklist Compare Boiler Quotes

Your annual boiler service ensures that your boiler is running smoothly and efficiently.

A boiler service is carried out by a Gas Safe qualified engineer who will charge you.

To see what you are getting for your money, here is a list of what a boiler service engineer will check and carry out during this process.

Firstly, the visual boiler service checklist 

  1. Look for the heating system and gas meters. Check that they look visually intact and are in a good condition
  2. Check boiler ventilation. Check that there are no leaks or cracks for potential leaks in pipework and joining sections.
  3. Check on the flues, internally and externally.
  4. Check and adjust the system pressure.
  5. Visually check the hot water cylinder.

What a boiler service engineer will check when carrying out a service. boiler service checklist Compare Boiler Quotes

  1. Overall visual inspection of appliance checking for damage and cleanliness
  2.  Removal of boiler cover and to strip down boiler. This will include an inspection and cleaning of the flue for any dirt and residue.
  3. Cleaning of heat exchanger, burner, injectors and pilot assembly. They will also check APS hoses and clean the fan. Once this is done they will put the boiler back together replacing any seals if required
  4. A Cleaning of the condenser trap if the boiler has one.
  5. Checking and recharging of pressure vessel if required

Final boiler service checks boiler service checklist Compare Boiler Quotes

  1. Once this is all completed they will then start the boiler up and check flame failure device
  2. The engineer should then check how the boiler is working at maximum capacity and finally they will check the incoming gas pressure along with the burner pressure, the running pressure at the gas meter.
  3. Give you confirmation in writing that the service has been carried out.
  4. Before the installer leaves the job you will be given a satisfaction note to sign to say that you are completely happy with the installation.

As you can see they will check all the main elements of your boiler and give it a good clean to try and ensure no problems will arise. No one wants a shock boiler breakdown and a good service carried out yearly will help towards preventing this. Prevention is cheaper than the cure.

Boiler services can also pick up any problems that need fixing. If this is the case then there will be additional costs for parts and labour. Depending on the problem this can be considerably more. If you have a service plan this could cover you for any additional costs or unexpected boiler break downs.

One way of protecting yourself from any extra costs throughout the year is a boiler service plan or boiler cover as mentioned briefly above. These are monthly payment plans that cover you for any parts and labour required for any problems or boiler breakdowns. Would you buy a car without insuring it? No, therefore treat your boiler like your car.

Take a look here at an example of a great pay monthly boiler cover offer for your peace of mind. 

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