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Glow Worm Energy 25c Review

Glow Worm Energy 25c Review

Glow Worm energy 25c review


Will the Glow Worm energy 25c review be suitable for my home?

Most modern boilers are condensing which is far more efficient than older boilers which didn’t make use of the escaping hot gases. Glow Worm Energy 25c Review Compare Boiler Quotes

The Glow Worm energy 25c combi boiler is one of the most modern boilers not just in technology but also in design.

This particular Glow Worm boiler model is great for smaller homes or for rooms that don’t have a lot of space to spare.

It’s so compact that you could install it in a spare cupboard in your kitchen.

You don’t need a water storage cylinder alongside the boiler installation as the boiler itself produces hot water and heating on demand for both your taps and the central heating system

Heating Controls

The boiler has an LCD display with four hard buttons. The power button is in the top left corner right next to the LCD display and has an upturned circular groove.

This makes it easy to find by touch for situations such as power cuts or bulb blowouts. Glow Worm Energy 25c Review Compare Boiler Quotes

Just below the display are three buttons in a horizontal layout.

It has a rectangular mode button in the middle, with plus and minus buttons either side.

It boasts an easy to use interface, with a big clear digital display.

A quick tap on the plus or minus buttons and the temperature will rise. This can also override any scheduled presets so you have more fluid control.

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How big is the Glow Worm energy 25c?

The boiler is great for small properties and homes that are crowded.

It’s 700mm tall, 390mm wide, and 280 deep. Glow Worm Energy 25c Review Compare Boiler Quotes

This makes it ideal for wall mounting in pantries and apartments as it doesn’t require a lot of space.

The boiler isn’t so thick, it can be fitted in kitchen cupboards, giving it protection and keeping it out of the way.

Best suited to? (2 bed home, 3 bed, 4, etc?)

For many customers, it’s not always just sheer size of lack thereof, that they’re concerned about. They want to know the noise level they will need to deal with and the change in ambient temperature within their home when the boiler is running.

Using a high-quality aluminium heat exchanger, it’s designed to keep as much heat generated inside its design as possible.

The material choice will also mean it will operate for much longer periods without maintenance being required.

Not to mention, a higher quality metal conducting the heat more efficiently, means a reduction in energy bills.

The high tolerance design also means it’s quieter than most other models on the market. However, because of its overall size, you may want to get a larger model for a 4-bedroom house.

As you can imagine, more people needing showers and more rooms needing heat will require a larger boiler.

The design is excellent, it just needs up-scaling.

How long is the warranty on the Glow Worm 25c?

The standard warranty is 7 years which sits this model in the upper bracket of the average.

Most modern boilers will come with a warranty between 2 and 10 years. Glow Worm Energy 25c Review Compare Boiler Quotes

If you ever need to enact the warranty, the benchmark checklist will need to be done. This is done to, first of all, find any fault in the system and also, to check if the boiler is as it should be i.e. no aftermarket tinkering has been done to it.

Generally speaking, customers from around the country don’t seem to report any abnormal behaviour and have applauded the Glow Worm 25c’s reliability.

You may also find that you need to sign up for the Glow Worm Energy Club to have your warranty upgraded. This could include an increase in coverage areas and circumstances, as well as additional years of service.

Energy Efficiency

There is no doubt that the Glow Worm Energy 25c has a marvellous record when it comes to efficiency.

It has an efficiency rating of 89.2%. Glow Worm Energy 25c Review Compare Boiler Quotes

The ERP rating is A for water and A for heat.

It’s been given a B rating from SEDBUK for this high percentage.

10.4 litres per minute is the hot water output flow rate for this boiler.

If you were to mount the boiler away from a window or door, this efficiency will be achieved regularly as the colder ambient temperature won’t play a role in the boiler’s function.

How much does a Glow Worm Energy 25c cost?

The typical price you could buy this budget brand model for is £775 which is good going. This does not include installation fees.

In general, modern boilers of a similar nature cost between £500 to £1,200.

This sits happily in the middle yet provides performance that might be considered slightly above the norm.

The installation costs factor between £500 and £1,000.

For a boiler including installation costs go to

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