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Glow Worm Betacom 30c Combi Boiler Review

Glow Worm Betacom 30c Review

Glow Worm Betacom 30c Combi Boiler Review

Glow Worm Betacom 30c Combi Boiler Review Compare Boiler Quotes

The Glow Worm Betacom 30c is a medium-large boiler and has a reasonably high flow rate which is great for homes with larger families.

If you have more than four people in your home, this size of the boiler is the recommended category you should be looking in.

This particular Glow Worm boiler will need a separate space but it’s small enough to be hidden inside a kitchen cupboard and wall-mounted in a small pantry.

It is wall mounted so you’ll need vertical piping to get it to work for your home. However, it is made by a manufacturer that generally has a good reputation and uses modern materials and technology.

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    Heating Controls

    It has the usual Glow Worm controls panel of a power button in the upper left corner, right next to the sharp LCD display.

    The mode button is right underneath the display and is sandwiched between a plus and a minus button.

    It also has a thermostat wheel on the right-hand side of these buttons.

    It has a variety of modes and settings you can use to go from a fully energy-efficient setting to firing on all cylinders on very cold days.

    The range of options gives you more control and flexibility so you can save on energy bills.

    How big is the Glow Worm Betacom 30c?

    Although it’s a medium-sized boiler, it’s compact enough to be able to fit into a kitchen cupboard.

    The exact dimensions are 700mm tall, 390mm wide, and 280mm deep.

    This combi boiler design allows for it to be wall-mounted and not require as much support as other models of a similar performance may need.

    You can compare Betacom 30C on the best combi boiler list to other combis, to find out if all its features will make it the right one for you.

    It’s pretty much the same size as the 25c model which is even more impressive considering it’s higher heating output performance.

    Which type of home is the Betacom 30c best for?

    Considering the flow rate for the Betacom 30c is 12.5 litres per minute to your taps, this can be considered worthy of a 2 and 3-bedroom house.

    Be mindful that this flow rate is for hot water and uses 30.6Kw.

    Glow Worm Betacom 30c Combi Boiler Review Compare Boiler Quotes

    This is great for showers and or baths for a family of around 4 to 5 people.

    It’s also ideal for an apartment lifestyle as the size and the performance is more than enough for the average person or couple.

    A home of around 8 to 12 radiators will be sufficiently heated and if this is the bracket you fall into, it will serve your home just fine.

    However, it must be said that since you’re getting 12.5 litres of hot water per minute, that only two people should shower at the same time. If you want a bath, run it beforehand.


    How long is the warranty on the Glow Worm Betacom 30c?

    The Glow Worm Energy 30c comes with a standard warranty of 2 years.

    Glow Worm Betacom 30c Combi Boiler Review Compare Boiler Quotes

    This can be increased to 5 years if you register with the Glow Worm Energy Club.

    This is so the manufacturer can record the performance and behaviour of your boiler.

    It helps the brand learn more about their own product and study how they are used in the real world.

    What do you get for this? Well, there are certain cash and credit rewards you can receive which could help you pay your energy bills, land a mystery trip, or give you the opportunity to use vouchers.

    The company does have dedicated engineers which are quite impressive for a brand that is up and coming. The guarantee can be extended if you wish, but it will cost you. Feel free to call Glow Worm to do this.


    Energy Efficiency

    The efficiency rating is 85.7% therefore the band rating is a C.

    Glow Worm Betacom 30c Combi Boiler Review Compare Boiler Quotes

    It has an ERP rating of A for water but it has a B for heat.

    This is clearly above average but nothing too exciting to write home about.

    It does the job and does it well, but it’s obviously not a premium standard.

    As you would expect, it’s a modern condensing design, so you can expect great efficiency all year round.


    How much does a glow worm Betacom 30c cost?

    The average price you will find the Glow Worm Betacom 30c for is £644 not including installation fees, so compared to similar products, it’s by far categorised as an affordable option. However, this does make it the target of other better options such as the Alpha E-tec which comes with an excellent 10 years warranty included in the price!

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    What fuel does your boiler use

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