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Worcester Bosch System Greenstar Danesmoor

The Worcester Bosch Greenstar Danesmoor System is part of a market-leading range of oil boilers with outputs of up to 32kW. 

This boiler, which is suitable for small, medium and large-sized homes with one to five bedrooms, uses oil to heat homes and is ideal for properties that are not connected to mains gas. Worcester Bosch System Greenstar Danesmoor Compare Boiler Quotes

The Greenstar Danesmoor System by Worcester Bosch is available in central heating outputs of 18kW, 25kW and 32kW, and is designed to suit most households and lifestyles as it was inspired by Worcester Bosch customers who gave their feedback on what they liked and disliked about the products and what they would like to see. 

The Worcester Bosch Greenstar Danesmoor System has been deemed reliable by many homeowners and engineers across the UK, and it has even been awarded the Which? Best Buy with a score of 87%. 

Extremely quiet in operation, the Worcester Bosch Greenstar Danesmoor System still provides maximum energy efficiency and reduces fuel bills and carbon emissions and is compatible with solar thermal which means you can make additional savings and it’s compatible with Bosch EasyControl which means you can control your hot water times and heating temperatures from your smartphone or tablet, even when you’re not at home.


How Much Does this Boiler Cost?

Worcester Bosch’s Greenstar Danesmoor system is available from £1,600. However, you can pay up to £2,300, including VAT. An exact price is difficult to give as the price depends on the size and heat output you require.

The higher the kW output, the more expensive the boiler will be, and it’s important to note that the price will also vary between suppliers.

This boiler does not include installation fees. Worcester Bosch System Greenstar Danesmoor Compare Boiler Quotes

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Is this Boiler is Suitable for My Home?

The Greenstar Danesmoor System can be installed in a kitchen or utility room and is suited to small, medium and large homes without a mains gas supply.

It is an oil-fired system boiler that needs to be installed along with a separate hot water storage cylinder which is usually placed in an airing cupboard which means that you will lose some space in your home.

However, this cylinder means that you will have a constant supply of hot water to all of your taps, even if they are running at the same time. So, if you have more than one bathroom in your home, then this system is perfect for you. 

The model comes in three heat (kW) outputs, so it’s important to find out which one your home will need because if you choose a boiler that is too big or too small for your property, then you will end up spending more money on your bills than necessary or you will be left with a boiler that doesn’t provide your home with enough heat and hot water.


Is it a High-Efficiency Boiler?

The Greenstar Danesmoor System is a high-performance oil-fired boiler that can help you to lower your carbon footprint and reduce the amount of energy you use. Not only this, but it will mean you’ll save money on your fuel bills too. Worcester Bosch System Greenstar Danesmoor Compare Boiler Quotes

With it’s ‘A’ ErP efficiency rating, this boiler can be used with Worcester Bosch Greenstore hot water cylinders which together are designed to work with Greenskies solar panels, which can help to reduce your bills by up to 60%. 


Does the Worcester Bosch Greenstar System have a good range of controls and features?

The control panel is situated on the front face of the boiler and includes simple buttons and dials which also offers you the ability to add an optional 7-day programmer to the control area to enhance efficiency and comfort levels. As mentioned, you can also control your heating and hot water from your smartphone or tablet, and it is EasyControl compatible as well. The boiler also features an easy to remove cross firing burner and one-piece baffle which makes life easy for engineers when they carry out an annual service.  Worcester Bosch System Greenstar Danesmoor Compare Boiler Quotes



How long is the Warranty on this boiler?

If you purchase the Worcester Bosch Greenstar System, you’ll be given a two-year warranty as standard. However, Worcester Bosch often runs extended warranty promotions, which can be found on the brand’s website. Worcester Bosch System Greenstar Danesmoor Compare Boiler Quotes



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