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Worcester Bosch Regular Greenstar FS CDi Prices

Boasting some of the most state of the art technology, Bosch Greenstar FS CDi boilers are one of the most high efficiency boilers on the market today.

Designed to perfectly meet the heating needs of larger properties, these specialist heat-only Greenstar FS CDi boilers are available at a starting price of £1,100, excluding VAT and excluding installation costs. Worcester Bosch Regular Greenstar FS CDi Compare Boiler Quotes

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Boiler Information:


Greenstar FS 30CDi Regular Regular H – 850 mm
W – 400 mm
D – 600 mm
N/A 30 kW 90% AND ABOVE £1398.39
Greenstar FS 42CDi Regular Regular H – 850 mm
W – 400 mm
D – 600 mm
N/A 42 kW 90% AND ABOVE £1847.1

Boiler Information:

SEDBUK A for fuel efficiency Energy efficiency
NOx Class 5 Environmental friendly
Available in Natural Gas and LPG LPG compatible
Built-in frost protection Increased boiler lifespan
Energy saving anti-cycle control Energy efficiency
Operational status indicator and Fault finding diagnostics Boiler reliability, easy to service
Built-in heating temperature controls Boiler reliability
Transfers heat rapidly with the aluminium-silicon heat exchanger Boiler reliability
Compatible with Greenskies solar panels Alternative energy option
Built-in condensate pump with 4.5m head Siting flexibility Easy installation
Multidirectional fluing/ flexible flue for chimney installation Easy Installation
Floor standing with roll-in mechanism that minimises risk of damaging floors. Easy Installation
5 year boiler warranty (terms and conditions apply) and 10 year guarantee on the heat exchanger. Peace of mind


Thinking about replacing an older floor-standing boiler but a wall-mounted boiler is not a viable option?

Then you may want to consider investing in a SEDBUK A rated Greenstar FS CDi boiler design instead.

The key features of this boiler design include a highly flexible flue system that means the boiler can be easily routed through an existing brick chimney, in addition to this boiler design boasting multi directional fluing for extra flexibility, along with a roll-in mechanism for an easier installation process. 

Another great feature of the Greenstar FS CDi Regular boiler range is the fact that these boilers come fully equipped with fascia-mounted heating temperature control systems that incorporate colour-coded controls and indicators for the user’s comfort and ease of use. 

Available to purchase in two heating output options, including the 30kW and the 42kW option, these boiler designs are suitable for heating properties of all shapes and sizes, including larger properties that require a more powerful approach to heating. 

Great for homes with 3, 4 or 5 bedrooms, with up to 3 bathrooms. Worcester Bosch Regular Greenstar FS CDi Compare Boiler Quotes

The 30kW boiler design is a great option for properties that are somewhat on the smaller or medium size and have standard heating needs.

Whereas, the more powerful 42kW boiler design is a better fit for meeting the heating and water requirements of larger properties or busier households that require a more constant source of heat and hot water.


Our thoughts about the Greenstar FD CDi Regular

Featuring in-built heating temperature system controls alongside a specialist energy-saving anti-cycle control system, this floor-standing boiler design is a popular boiler option for properties of various shapes and sizes.

One of the benefits of the Greenstar FD CDi Regular design is the fact that it will help to save you money on the cost of your energy bills and should help to cut your carbon emissions by a large amount. Worcester Bosch Regular Greenstar FS CDi Compare Boiler Quotes

For anyone residing in a larger property where a wall-mounted boiler is not a viable option for a number of reasons, the Greenstar FD CDi Regular could be a fantastic alternative and is worth considering as a replacement boiler system. 

These Greenstar FD CDi Regular boiler designs are larger boiler systems that offer extremely powerful outputs and have been designed to replace traditional, floor-standing boiler models. However, it’s important to note that they are not suited for mounting on the wall, due to their large size and weight.

The smaller version of this boiler is available at 30kW, whereas the larger version is only available at a powerful 40kW. 

It’s important to note that these Greenstar FD CDi Regular boilers are designed to be heat only units.

What this means is that they provide heat for the central heating system and the taps via a water storage tank. This means that the system requires a cold water cistern and expansion tank to work effectively. 

What’s great about these boiler systems is the fact that they are design to quickly warm up cold water and radiators, making them ideal for larger properties that require a constant hot water flow. Worcester Bosch Regular Greenstar FS CDi Compare Boiler Quotes

Despite standing on the floor rather than being wall-mounted, these Greenstar FD CDi Regular boiler models are fairly slim designs, and are able to be fitted beneath a countertop, for instance.

Weighing 55kg, they are too heavy to be wall mounted and should remain on the floor. 

While the control system offered by these Greenstar FD CDi Regular boilers are adequate for user needs, they do not have a built-in program system. 

This boiler comes with a 5 year warranty and a 10 year warranty for the heat exchanger. Worcester Bosch Regular Greenstar FS CDi Compare Boiler Quotes

Always follow the guidelines to keep the warranty valid.


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