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Worcester Bosch Regular Greenstar CDi Classic prices


The Worcester Bosch Greenstar CDi Boiler is one of the best performing regular boilers that can save space by being mounted to the wall or fit in a garage due to the built in frost protection. Worcester Bosch Greenstar Regular CDi Classic Compare Boiler Quotes

The Greenstar CDi boiler can be purchased in two different heating outputs, 30kW and 40kW. Making the boiler suitable for homes with four bedrooms, however depending on the number of bathrooms this can vary.

The price for this boiler starts at around £750 excluding the VAT rate and excluding the cost of installation. 

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This high powered boiler offers two heating output options and is designed to meet the needs of increased hot water supply, making it ideal for larger properties that feature a larger number of bathrooms.

For households that have low mains water pressure, the Greenstar CDi Classic is also a good option as it is simple to install and can be used to improve any existing, non-condensing heating systems that are in place. 

The Greenstar CDi Boiler has been given an A rating by SEDBUK and offers a 90.2% fuel efficiency in relation to Natural Gas consumption. This boiler also features a range of other key features, including: fluing that is multi-directional, a built-in fascia heating control gauge, compatibility with intelligent control systems which aids how economically this boiler is able to run.

Boasting not the best warranty with a two year warranty but has the option of being extended to five years. This boiler is built to last. The primary heat exchanger also comes with its own 10 year warranty in place.  Worcester Bosch Greenstar Regular CDi Classic Compare Boiler Quotes



Our thoughts about the Greenstar CDi Classic Regular boiler:

This boiler design is perfect for managing the needs of a larger property that has two or more bathrooms incorporated within it.

For properties where there is a continual and high demand for constant hot water, the Greenstar CDi Classic Regular Boiler is an option worth considering.

Thanks to the digital and wireless programming along with room thermostats and intelligent control systems, this specialist condensing, heat-only boiler can offer fantastic levels of hot water supply while helping to cut the cost of energy bills.

The Greenstar CDi Classic Range of boilers is made up of two different units, both of which are highly powerful and offer very high outputs. Both boiler designs are perfect for larger properties and properties that require the flexibility of a Combi boiler, but also need to have plenty of hot water available at all times.

The two models that are available are the 34kW and the 40kW model. Worcester Bosch Greenstar Regular CDi Classic Compare Boiler Quotes

Combi boilers can be a popular choice as they don’t have the same setup as more traditional boiler systems incorporate, such as hot water storage tanks and cold water cisterns. This means that they are often well suited to properties where there is not additional space for all of the aspects of a traditional boiler system, and instead a more succinct system is required due to a lack of space. 

What’s great about a combi system is the fact that the hot water flow rate is around 15 litres a minute, which means that this type of boiler is perfect for a larger property with the need for more hot water. Particularly as the controls on these units are simple and straightforward to use and are suitable for most users. 

Both of these systems – the 34kW and the 40kW can be adapted to be able to run on an LPG or natural gas fuel.

Worcester Bosch Greenstar Regular CDi Classic Compare Boiler Quotes

It’s important to note that weighing around 50kg, these boiler models are not the lightest option and they are also rather wide. However, for the amount of power they are able to offer, they are a fantastic weight and size. 


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