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Vokera Boilers Prices Compare Boiler Quotes

New Vokera boiler prices for combi and system boilers

Vokera have been establshed in the UK for over 35 Years. Vokera’s parent company Riello is part of the global group Carrier, showing some substantial financial backing.

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Vokera boiler prices start from £1,499 to £2,200 fully fitted.

With constant innovation and striving for improvement, you can be sure that buying a Vokera boiler would provide you with years of problem free heating.

This guide to Vokera Boiler prices will hopefully tell you everything you need to know about their boilers and the how much it will cost you to have one of their fantastic boilers installed.

Vokera have a range of boilers to try and cover the whole of the UK boiler market. They offer both combi boiler & system boilers in a range of different outputs.

Vokera are superbly priced for the amount of boiler you are getting. They are some of the lowest priced on the market but are a great budget alternative to some of the more expensive boilers for the same output.

Find out here about the range of Vokera boilers and their prices, without installation.

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Vokera combi boiler prices

Vokera provide the extremely competitively priced Easi-Heat Plus 25 combi at as little as £449 which is perfect for smaller 1-2 bedroom homes, as well as more powerful ones for larger homes such as the Vokera Unica 32 kw combi.

(Prices exclude installation costs by Gas Safe engineers)

Below are the top 5 Vokera Combi Boilers and their average Prices (Excluding Installation)

  • Vokera Unica i28kW Combi Gas Boiler – Guide Price £750
  • Vokera Vision 25c Combi Gas Boiler – Guide Price £630
  • Vokera Vision 30c Combi Gas Boiler – Guide Price £691
  • Vokera Compact 25A Combi Gas Boiler – Guide Price £545
  • Vokera Compact 29A Combi Gas Boiler – Guide Price £615

Vokera Boilers Prices Compare Boiler Quotes

Vokera Boilers Prices Compare Boiler QuotesVokera Boilers Prices Compare Boiler Quotes





The above boiler all have a range of different outputs so you can be sure that they will have one which will be suited for your home. If you are unsure, get in touch with a reputable boiler company for any advice.

The lower output (kw) models will be more suited to smaller homes with one bathroom. Whereas the higher output models will be able to cope with the demands of an extra bathroom that runs off the mains.

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Vokera combi boilers: Benefits

There are some great benefits of having a Vokera combi boiler installed in your home, they are not just about the great prices.

As we have said, they offer fantastic priced boilers, much cheaper than some of the other alternatives on the market. Great if you are on a budget.

Vokera’s boilers are rated energy efficiency A, so you can guarantee you won’t be running up too big a gas bill. Your new boiler may even save you money.

Always ensure your Vokera boiler is installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer to prevent any future problems.

Vokera boilers are really easy to install, especially if you already have a combi boiler and just want to swap it for a replacement.

Vokera price review – Vokera’s combi boiler prices

Vokera have priced their boilers to make sure they are accessible to everyone on the boiler market. They offer some of the best combi boiler options available.

Low cost boilers and low cost installation prices due to the ease of use means they are a super affordable boiler.

Great warranties coupled up with even better prices mean that you can have cheap, energy efficient heating for years to come.

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Vokera combi boilers: Full price list

Boiler BrandModelBoiler TypeOutputEnergy Efficiency Boiler Price
VokeraCompact 25Combi Boiler25 KWA£723.74
VokeraVision 25CCombi Boiler25 KWA£812.65
VokeraVision 30CCombi Boiler30 KWA£882.58
VokeraUnica i28Combi Boiler28 KWA£798.43
VokeraEasi-Heat Plus 32CCombi Boiler32 KWA£550.00
VokeraEasi-Heat Plus 25CiCombi Boiler25 KWA£449.00
VokeraUnica i32Combi Boiler32 KWA£799.99

So, enough about combi’s, what about system boilers from Vokera


Vokera system boiler prices

Vokera’s system boilers are a great addition to any home on a budget. Great priced system boilers which are better for homes with more hot water demand due the hot water tank.

This hot water tank is warmed up by your boiler and provides more hot water as and when required. You can use multiple taps or showers at any time with no issues using a system boiler.

Another reason these boiler types are better suited to larger homes is that they require this water tank. You re boing to need some extra room to have this installed, say in an airing cupboard or attic space.

If you have a family with a couple of teenage kids then a system boiler is probably the one for you.

Vokera system boilers range from £470 up to £1225. The lower the output, generally the lower the price. If you have a larger home you will definitely need to spend that little bit extra to get the more powerful boiler.

The prices above do not include installation prices / costs.

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Below are the top 5 Vokera system boilers and their average prices (Without Installation)

  1. Vokera Vision 20 kw System Boiler – Guide Price £691
  2. Vokera Mynute 35 kw System Boiler – Guide `price £777
  3. Vokera Easi-Heat 24 kw System Boiler – Guide Price £479
  4. Vokera Vision 25 kw System Boiler – Guide Price £728
  5. Vokera Mynute VHE 15kw Sytem Boiler – Guide Price £922

Vokera Boilers Prices Compare Boiler QuotesVokera Boilers Prices Compare Boiler QuotesVokera Boilers Prices Compare Boiler Quotes





The above boilers all come in different outputs to ensure that Vokera will be able to provide you with the ideal boiler for your home.

Agin, we must reiterate that a lower output boiler such as the Mynute 15 kw system boiler will be better for smaller homes, but the larger Mynute 35 kw system boiler will be more suited to homes with a couple of bathrooms or extra shower rooms that run off the mains.

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Vokera system boilers: Benefits

With long warranties, great reliability and low prices, the Vokera range is perfect for any home.

If your on a budget, these system boilers are a great way to quickly and effectively upgrade your heating system at a fraction of the cost of some of the competition.

Always remember that system boiler require an extra water tank or cylinder to keep heated up water in. This means you will need extra room in your home.

The hot water cylinder and boiler enable users to fill a bath and use a mains powered shower at the same time.

If you really wanted to you could use 3 showers at once with no problems with the higher output boiler. Choosing the right boiler for your home comes above choosing the cheapest boiler or the most expensive boiler.

Vokera system boilers: Our review

The great range of Vokera system boilers start with their budget Easi-heat system boilers up to their still relatively budget Mynute system boilers. The value for money for boiler replacements from Vokera is substantial.

With up to 10 years warrant on some of their boilers you can install a Vokera boiler with peace of mind that it will last and your covered if anything should go wrong.

Just because the boilers are cheaper doesn’t mean they won’t last as long. They are tested before they leave the warehouse to ensure they are performing as they should be and providing energy efficient heating for years to come.

If you choose Vokera then you can guarantee you are bagging yourself a bargain. They may not have the reputation of some of the big boys but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a place on your wall.

Below are a full list of System boilers prices from Vokera:

Boiler BrandModelBoiler TypeOutputEnergy EfficiencyBoiler Price
VokeraVision System Boiler20 KWA£692
VokeraVision System Boiler25 KWA£730
VokeraMynute 35HESystem Boiler35 KWA£780
VokeraMynute VHESystem Boiler15 KWA£925
VokeraMynute VHE System Boiler20 KWA£980
VokeraMynute I System Boiler20 KWA£1100
VokeraMynute I System Boiler30 KWA£1226
VokeraVerveSystem Boiler47 KWA£3610
VokeraEasi-Heat Plus 24SSystem Boiler24 KWA£480
VokeraEasi-Heat Plus 30SSystem Boiler30 KWA£509

Vokera boilers – Should you buy one?

All we have mentioned in this article is about how good Vokera’s pries are the amount of boiler that you are getting. Hardly any of their boilers cost over £1000. Some of the competitions boilers start at over £1,000.

You would think that the cost of a new boiler at these prices would mean that they are “cheap” so not as good a quality.

Although they may not be of the same quality of some of the competition, they do their job just as well, and last too.

If you are unsure, then the fact that they have warranties of up to 10 years say they are confident in their product.

Many landlord choose these new boiler replacement options for their tenants as they are a great way to get a cost effective reliable boiler in your properties for less.

Vokera sell thousands of their boilers every year and are a great way to keep your home warm all winter for less.

Vokera heating controls: Are they easy to use?

There are a wide range of heating controls available for their boiler range.

Vokera boilers can be used in conjunction with smart thermostats such as Hive and other similar heating apps.

Fancy a great priced Vokera with installation?

If you would like to get a fixed online price for your new boiler, choose your fuel type below now:

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