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Baxi System Boiler Prices

Integrated with the essential components of a heating and hot water system, Baxi system boilers are the first choice for versatility and efficiency. Operating in combination with a separate cylinder, they are sure to fulfil your domestic heating requirements.

Particularly well-suited to older and traditional homes, the A-rated Baxi system boilers are compatible with most central heating systems. Read on for the full rundown of Baxi system boiler prices and specs.


  • • How Much Do Baxi System Boilers Cost?
  • • What Are the Benefits of a Baxi System Boiler?
  • • Why Choose Baxi? How Do Its Prices Compare to the Competition?
  • • What About Baxi’s Heating Controls?
  • • Which Baxi System Boiler Will You Choose?

How Much Do Baxi System Boilers Cost?

Baxi has a range of system boilers that are again perfect for a wide range of homes, with the highest efficiency possible for a boiler manufacturer. These will power the most central heating systems and save you money each year.

Its range of system boilers come with varying price ranges. As an overview, you can get a Baxi Megaflo System for on average £750 or the ExoBlue System at just over £1,000. These prices do not include installation and are for the boiler only.

Baxi regular boiler prices range from around £650 for the bottom of the range through to £1,100 for a top-end regular boiler. These costs do not include the installation price of a Gas Safe accredited installer.

Baxi does not have the largest range of system boilers but they do have a solution for most homes.

The Top 5 Baxi System Boilers and Their Average Prices

  1. Baxi Megaflo System Compact – Guide Price £750
  2. Baxi Megaflo System – Guide Price £850
  3. Baxi Platinum Plus System – Guide Price £1,075
  4. Baxi 600 system – Guide Price £995
  5. Baxi 800 system – Guide Price £1,075

The above system boilers come in varying Kilowatt (kW) power output ratings of which the prices do change depending on the power consumption needed for your property.

What Are The Benefits of a Baxi System Boiler?

A very popular choice among the UK’s homeowners, Baxi system boilers offer the following benefits:

They’re highly efficient

Functioning without the need for an expansion tank, Baxi system boilers are more efficient than most other boiler varieties. The pump and pressure vessel are also integrated within the system boiler, meaning that a high flow rate can be generated and allows for the separation of hot and cold water.

They run quietly

The pressurised Baxi system boilers are a quiet alternative to regular and combi boilers. You won’t be disturbed by the sound of the system boiler powering on or the collection of air in your radiator following installation of your first-choice model.

They’re easy to install

You might be surprised by the compact design of the Baxi system boilers, given their heat generation capabilities. Just 295mm deep, the EcoBlue system compact boiler is particularly well-suited to installation in restricted spaces.

Why Choose Baxi?

With a heritage that stretches back over 150 years, the proudly British Baxi manufacturers have a first-rate reputation for dependability and value for money.

What About Baxi’s Heating Controls?

Baxi offers an affordable selection of system boiler controls, designed for the maintenance of energy efficiency and financial savings. Its smart thermostats can be linked with smartphones and tablets for everyday adjustments based on the weather and personal heating preferences. Just remember to check the compatibility of such devices with your chosen system boiler.

Which Baxi System Boiler Will You Choose?

If you’re ready to invest in an energy efficient Baxi system boiler then click here for a rapid pricing comparison. Alternatively you might like to have a read of our guide to the best system boilers or discover more brand essentials in our Baxi boiler review.

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