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Potterton Promax Ultra Combi Boilers

Potterton Promax Ultra Combi Boilers

If your home is in need of a new boiler, you will want it to be ready to go well before winter sets in. With so many options to choose from and a huge range of different features and functions, how do you even begin to choose? Potterton Promax Ultra Combi Boilers Compare Boiler Quotes

The vast number of possible choices can be overwhelming, but with a Potterton Promax Ultra Combi boiler, you can’t go wrong.

It is a condensing natural gas combination boiler, meaning it heats only the water you need when you need it. It is suitable for a home of any size and the heat output can be chosen according to the specific needs of your household.

It doesn’t require a separate cylinder or storage tank, so it is perfect for small houses with minimal space. Even so, it is powerful enough to heat a large home as well.

It can suit both natural gas and LPG, so it doesn’t matter whether or not you are on the gas grid.

The Potterton Promax Ultra Combi has a lot going for it.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits to help you make up your mind.

It offers great value for money

How much are you looking to spend on a boiler?

No one wants to break the bank when it comes to heating their home, and there are so many different costs to factor in.

From the cost of the unit itself to installation, servicing and maintenance. You want your boiler to be affordable yet efficient enough to save you money on your energy bills, and reliable enough that it doesn’t keep breaking down and needing costly repairs.  Potterton Promax Ultra Combi Boilers Compare Boiler Quotes

The Potterton Promax Ultra Combi gives you the best option. It is highly-rated for efficiency and reliability and offers excellent value for money. Depending on the heat output you require (it comes in 24kW, 28kW, 33kW or 40kW options), the typical costs can range between £960 and £1310 for a unit, including VAT.

You may wish to do some research and compare different suppliers to find the best deal for you.

It is a versatile solution

What makes the Promax Ultra Combi so unique is that it is perfect for any home. From the smallest one bed home to the largest Six bed home, you can be assured that you will have the hot water and heating that you and family need.

Since it takes and heats water directly from the mains, there is no need for a separate water storage unit, making it ideal for a home with minimal space. Potterton Promax Ultra Combi Boilers Compare Boiler Quotes

If your property is larger, simply choose a model with a higher heat output and enjoy your nice, warm home.

If you are unsure whether a combination boiler is right for your home, get in touch with an engineer to assess your property and help you find the right type of boiler to suit your needs.

It is A-rated for efficiency

You don’t want to install a new boiler and find that it barely heats your home or that you are paying extortionate amounts on your energy bills. Fortunately, the Potterton Promax Ultra Combi is one of the most energy-efficient models you can buy. It is A-rated and has a SAP seasonal efficiency rating of 89.1%, which will prevent you from stretching your finances too far, as well as being better for the environment. Potterton Promax Ultra Combi Boilers Compare Boiler Quotes

It has multiple functions and features that make it more efficient than other boilers on the market, and is even endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust for meeting strict energy-efficiency guidelines.

It has a vast range of useful features

The Potterton Promax Ultra Combi is not your average boiler. It comes with a huge array of functions that make it the most efficient and reliable system around, while making your life a lot easier. These features include:

  • Simple, easy-to-use controls, including on/off switch with reset option, all safely located behind a protective panel which is easily accessible for servicing. Potterton Promax Ultra Combi Boilers Compare Boiler Quotes
  • An LED display which shows the current status of the boiler and lets you adjust settings such as hot water temperature and central heating. It also flags any faults and offers a diagnosis for what needs to be done to fix it.
  • A service timer, offering you a helpful reminder when your annual service is due.
  • Built-in frost protection to withstand cold weather, particularly when the unit is located in an exposed area like a garage or basement.
  • An optional outdoor weather sensor which can change the hot water temperature automatically, according to the weather conditions outside.

It comes with a 2 year warranty

Don’t worry about anything going wrong. All Potterton Promax Ultra Combi boilers come with a 2 year parts and labour warranty as standard.


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