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Potterton Assure System

Potterton Assure System

The Potterton’s Assure System is a gas condensing System boiler Which is also known as a traditional boiler.

As the name gives away, system boilers are great for traditional homes which are designed to include a hot water tank in the airing cupboard or loft. The Assure system boiler doesn’t require the cold water tank so no loft space is needed in this occasion.

The boiler Will fit in a standard sized kitchen cupboard and comes in 2 heating output flow rates 15 kW and 18kW, the price will vary depending which size your Gas Safe engineer recommends you need to run your home comfortably and efficiently.

Boiler Cost:

The Potterton Assure System Boiler cost includes VAT but does not include the installation fees.

The 15kW Would cost around £800 and be suitable for a home with three bedrooms.

The 18kW would cost around £840 and be suitable for a home with five bedrooms.

If you would prefer your boiler to include installation fees and to have your boiler fitted before you pay a penny, go to

High Efficiency Boiler:

This Potterton boiler Is recognised by the Energy Saving Trust, has a 93% rating for efficiency and is ErP A rated.

The boiler itself can control the amount of fuel needed to control the heating without wasting fuel and to keep energy bills as low as possible.


The control system of this boiler is rather basic, It includes a temperature control, LED display, reset button And can connect to a outdoor weather sensor which will improve the boilers efficiency, comfort and performance.

The flue options enables you to have more places to locate the boiler.


Warranty on this Boiler:

The Potterton Assure System boiler comes with a two-year standard parts and labour warranty. Read the guidelines here to validate the warranty.

Advantages & Disadvantages:

Weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of the Potterton Assure System to decide if this is the boiler for you:


  • Fits in a standard kitchen cupboard.
  • Suitable for homes of all sizes.
  • Flue options available so will sit in your desired location.
  • Simple to install, service and maintain
  • High energy efficiency which means lower fuel bills.
  • Connects with An outdoor weather sensor to give more control.


  • Which? Give Potterton boilers a score of 54% overall.
  • Extra cylinder needed so will take up more space.
  • The controls are not very updated.
  • Short warranty of two years, much longer warranties available.


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