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Ideal Logic+ Combi Boilers

Choosing a boiler for your home can sometimes seem like an overwhelming decision. There is so much to think about and making the right choice can be daunting, particularly if you don’t know much about boilers and heating technology. Ideal Logic+ Combi Boilers Compare Boiler Quotes

The right choice for you and your household will depend on several factors, including how much water you and your family use, the size of your home, the fuel that is available, and your existing set up. You will also want to consider factors such as cost, energy-efficiency, environmental impact, and reliability.

Luckily for you, the Ideal Logic+ Combi has it all. It is a combination boiler, which is the most popular type of boiler system in the UK. This means that it provides you with only the hot water you need, exactly when you need it. It does this by providing hot water on demand directly from the mains, and doesn’t need to be connected to a separate storage tank.

This also means it provides hot water at the same pressure as the mains, so you don’t have to worry about a slow, dribbly shower. It is ideal for properties with limited space as all of the components are contained within one single unit.

There are so many benefits to be enjoyed when you opt for an Ideal Logic+ Combi boiler. Here are some of the advantages.



We know you don’t want your boiler to put a dent in your budget, so that’s why the Ideal Logic+ Combi boiler is the perfect choice for you.

With an average price of £952 across the range, this puts them on the more affordable end of boiler prices, and with a high energy-efficiency rating, you will see the difference on your energy bills. Ideal Logic+ Combi Boilers Compare Boiler Quotes

They are easy to install, use and repair, meaning you can save on service costs, and they are one of the most reliable boilers around so you won’t have to worry about costly repairs. Enjoy all the benefits of hot water with none of the unnecessary costs and hassle.

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The Ideal Logic+ Combi boiler is one of the best rated models around.

When Ideal first started, they received low scores in terms of reliability and customer satisfaction, so they set out to improve their product range. This worked, and they are now one of the highest rated brands in the market. In fact, the Logic+ range was awarded the Good Housekeeping Award in 2013.



While some boilers in the Ideal Range come with a wealth of exciting functions and features, the Logic+ is a simpler model, which is reflected in the affordable price. Ideal Logic+ Combi Boilers Compare Boiler Quotes

It may not be able to boast some of the fancier gimmicks of models like the Ideal Vogue Max System, but there are still a number of functions that homeowners can make use of. These include:

  • Frost protection to prevent damage due to cold throughout the winter months. This is particularly useful if your boiler is stored in an exposed, uninsulated area such as a basement or garage. This will protect your boiler and prevent the need for costly maintenance and repair.
  • A range of user-friendly controls, making it easy to use and maintain
  • A large backlit display for easy accessibility
  • Optional weather compensation, to allow you to control the heat level according to the temperature
  • LPG compatibility



You want your boiler to be able to heat your home as efficiently as possible. This way you will save on your energy bills, you will enjoy reliable hot water, and it will be better for the environment.

The Ideal Logic+ Combi boiler has a SEDBUK energy rating of 91.1% and a flow rate of 12.4 litres per minute, making it an incredibly efficient model.

It is perfect for small households with one bathroom. Larger households will benefit from another model.



Even though the Ideal Logic+ Combi boiler is one of the most reliable models, you will still want it to come with a warranty.

Fortunately, these boilers come as standard with a 7 year labour and parts warranty so you don’t have to worry about anything going wrong.


Product overview

Logic+ Combi 24

Dimensions: 700 mm H; 395 mm D; 278 mm W

Flow rate: 9.9 l/min Ideal Logic+ Combi Boilers Compare Boiler Quotes

Output: 24 kW

Typical price: £879

Logic+ Combi-30

Dimensions: 700 mm H; 395 mm D; 278 mm W

Flow rate: 12.4 l/min

Output: 30 kW

Typical price: £966

Logic+ Combi 35

Dimensions: 700 mm H; 395 mm D; 278 mm W

Flow rate: 14.5 l/min

Output: 35 kW

Typical price: £1011


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