Ideal Vogue System Boilers

Ideal Vogue System Boilers


The Vogue system boiler range is UK manufactured and rated as Ideal’s premium system boiler range, which was awarded The Good Housekeeping reader recommended status in 2013 and 2017.

The boiler is an all in one boiler which can live in a standard-sized kitchen cupboard. It does not require extra tanks and cylinders like other system boilers. Ideal Vogue System Boilers Compare Boiler Quotes

The boiler is available in four different size outputs – 15kW, 18kW, 26kW, or 32kW. The optional outputs enable the boiler to suit homes with multiple bathrooms, two-bed homesfour-bed homes, and five-plus bedroom homes. Your Gas Safe engineer will recommend which size output you need to run your home to its best ability.

The cost will vary depending on which output you need. As a rough guide, the boiler will cost around £1060, including VAT, but not including installation fees, which can cost up to £1000.

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The boiler comes with lengthy 10-year standard parts and labour warranty. Ideal Vogue System Boilers Compare Boiler Quotes

Read the guidelines here to keep your warranty valid for the full period.

This SEDBUK A-rated efficiency environmentally friendly boiler includes backlit 3.5 colour display, multiple user-friendly buttons, 7.1 modulations to reduce fuel bills, LPG conversion kit to have fuel options, Stainless steel heat exchange, visible pressure gauge, in-built frost protection and optional add on controls.

The Vogue system boilers can connect with optional Electronic programmable thermostat and outdoor sensors.


Ideal Vogue System Boiler:

Show:all price rangesbetween £750 and £1000between £1000 and £1250

Vogue System 15 System H – 740 mm
W – 445 mm
D – 330 mm
N/A 15 kW A 90% AND ABOVE £905
Vogue System 18 System H – 740 mm
W – 445 mm
D – 330 mm
N/A 18 kW A 90% AND ABOVE £973
Vogue System 26 System H – 740 mm
W – 445 mm
D – 330 mm
N/A 26 kW A 90% AND ABOVE £1067
Vogue System 32 System H – 740 mm
W – 445 mm
D – 330 mm
N/A 32 kW A 90% AND ABOVE £1204
Simple Controls Ease of use
Fully insulated casing Noise Reduction
SEDBUK A Rating Lower Gas Bills
Various Kw Heating Output -15KW, 18KW, 26KW and 32KW Various Home Sizes
Compact Ease of Installation
Latest Cool door technology Servicing when hot
Which Rating 55% Based on reliability, satisfaction & ease of repair
The boiler comes with a standard 10 year guarantee on parts and labour. Peace of Mind



The A-rated efficient Vogue system boiler comes with a lengthy 10-year warranty. Ideal Vogue System Boilers Compare Boiler Quotes

It is an all in one unit, so does not take up extra space and can supply high demand of water to all size homes due to the four output flow rates. The boiler uses parts to ensure quality performance and reliability.



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