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Worcester Bosch Heat-Only Boiler Prices

With a heritage that stretches back over 50 years, Worcester Bosch has an outstanding reputation for the manufacture of high-quality boilers. Featuring the distinctive Greenstar branding, its range of heat-only boilers are particularly well suited to large and traditional properties. Read on as we share essential details of the Worcester Bosch heat-only boiler prices and specs.


  • How Much Do Worcester Bosch Heat-Only Boilers Cost?
  • What Are the Benefits of a Worcester Bosch Heat-Only Boiler?
  • Why Choose Worcester Bosch? How Do Its Prices Compare to the Competition?
  • What About Worcester Bosch’s Heating Controls?
  • Which Worcester Bosch Heat-Only Boiler Will You Choose?

How Much Do Worcester Bosch Heat-Only Boilers Cost?

Worcester Bosch regular boilers put you in control of your heating. They have adjustable power outputs and ensure that you have as much hot water as you need when you need it. Prices for these boilers start at a mere £760, ranging up to £2,278.

The Top 5 Worcester Bosch Heat-Only Boilers and Their Average Prices

  1. Worcester 8000 Life – Guide Price £1,200
  2. Greenstar Ri (24 kW) – Guide Price £954
  3. Greenstar Ri (30 kW) – Guide Price £1,080
  4. Greenstar CDI FS (30 kW) – Guide Price £1,588
  5. Greenstar 42CDI FS (40.8 kW) – Guide Price £1,495

What Are The Benefits of a Worcester Bosch Boiler?

Made from the highest quality components, the multi-award winning Worcester Bosch heat-only boilers are known for their efficiency and reliability. Other benefits include:

They’re designed to meet a range of domestic needs

With a focus on the needs of UK homeowners, Worcester Bosch has manufactured a range of heat-only boilers with varying outputs. The compact and wall-mounted Greenstar Ri is ideally suited to small properties with multiple bathrooms. Alternatively, there’s the high capacity and surprisingly compact Worcester Bosch Greenstar Danesmoor Utility.

They have high water capacity

The Worcester Bosch heat-only boilers have been purposely designed for the heating and storage of large amounts of water for supply as and when needed. This makes them the ideal choice for large households, which have a high everyday demand for heated water. You can rely on these boilers for the circulation of water to multiple outlets with very little impact on the water pressure.

They are ideal replacements for old heating systems

Worcester Bosch heat-only boilers are perfectly suited for the replacement of old heating systems, given the minimal need for pipework alterations. They are also designed to work with solar panels, further boosting your home heating efficiency.

Why Choose Worcester Bosch? How do its Prices Compare To The Competition?

There is some variation in Worcester Bosch heat-only prices in line with the different power outputs. You can expect to pay as little as £750 for a 12kW Greenstar Ri Regular boiler. However, a 42kW Greenstar FS CDi Regular will set you back around £1,845. You can have plenty of confidence in your purchase given the large number of positive online reviews.

What About Worcester Bosch’s Heating Controls?

We highly recommend the combined purchase of your preferred Worcester Bosch heat-only boiler and controller. This will mean that you’re able to keep a close tabs on your home heating performance, making adjustments as necessary for improved efficiency and financial savings.

Take your choice from smart heating controls, digital controls and traditional mechanical controls at prices that you can afford.

Which Worcester Bosch Boiler Will You Choose?

If you’re ready to start enjoying the benefits of a Worcester Bosch heat-only boiler, then click here for unbeatable prices. Select the boiler that’s best suited to your home-heating requirements and arrange installation as soon as tomorrow.

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