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Vaillant Heat-Only Boiler Prices

With a proud heritage that stretches back over 140 years, Vaillant has an enviable reputation when it comes to the manufacture of efficient and reliable boilers. This extends to its exclusive range of heat-only boilers. Perfectly suited to large and traditional properties, these boilers come in a range of formats to suit your everyday heating requirements. Keep on reading as we highlight the Vaillant heat-only boiler prices and specs.


  • How Much Do Vaillant Heat-Only Boilers Cost?
  • What Are the Benefits of a Vaillant Heat-Only Boiler?
  • Why Choose Vaillant? How Do Its Prices Compare to the Competition?
  • What About Vaillant’s Heating Controls?
  • Which Vaillant Heat-Only Boiler Will You Choose?

How Much Do Vaillant Combi Boilers Cost?

Offering a wide range of boilers, Vaillant’s combi’s start at around £850 for their ecoFIT Pure 25kW Combi, up to their powerful ecoTEC Exclusive 43kW combi at around £1,700.

(Prices exclude installation costs by Gas Safe engineers)

The Top 5 Vaillant Heat-Only Boilers and Their Average Prices

  1. Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 418 Regular Boiler – Guide Price £873
  2. Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 428 Regular Boiler – Guide Price £988
  3. Vaillant ecoFIT Pure 12kw Regular Boiler – Guide Price £732
  4. Vaillant ecoFIT Pure 35kw Regular Boiler – Guide Price £1,442

As with the other boilers, Vaillant offers a range of outputs to ensure they have one which would be suited to your home’s hot water demands.

The bigger your home, the higher output you would generally choose to ensure you get fast hot water as and when you need it.

What Are The Benefits of a Vaillant Heat-Only Boiler?

Vaillant’s ecoTEC heat-only boilers work in combination with hot water cylinders for the circulation of heat within the home. Apart from their outstanding reliability and efficiency, these heat-only boilers offer the following benefits:

They have an exceptional heating capacity

Vaillant heat-only boilers have sufficient capacity for the continued supply of heat and hot water to multiple bathrooms. Commonly fitted within airing cupboards, they work efficiently as part of the complete in-home heating system.

They are compatible with other energy systems

The open vent ecoTEC plus regular and ecoFIT pure regular are both compatible with solar panels and other pump-based heating systems. You can be assured of home-heating efficiency and cost-savings when you choose Vaillant.

They are easy to install

Vaillant heat-only boilers have a modern and compact design, making them suitable for installation in the tightest of domestic spaces. They are an excellent alternative to some of the bulky heat-only systems offered by other manufacturers.

Why Choose Vaillant? How do its Prices Compare To The Competition?

There is some variation in Vaillant heat-only boiler prices, in line with the range of power outputs. You can buy an A-rated 12 kW ecoFIT Pure for as little as £732. However, a 38 kW ecoTEC Plus 438 will set you back £1,430. Still, that’s a very reasonable price to pay for the exceptional performance, eco-friendliness, and adaptability of a Vaillant.

What About Vaillant’s Heating Controls?

Vaillant have manufactured a range of boiler controls and thermostats for the purpose of maintaining domestic heating efficiency. You can take your pick from basic analogue heating timers and smartphone-integrated controls for the effective management of your in-home heating supply. Combine your purchase of a Vaillant heat-only boiler and controller to start enjoying the money-saving benefits as soon as possible.

Which Vaillant Heat-Only Boiler Will You Choose?

Whatever the size of your home or preferred lifestyle, you can be sure that Vaillant’s heat-only boilers will meet your everyday heating requirements. Produced in Vaillant’s Derbyshire factory, these quiet and energy-efficient boilers are designed to ensure year-round comfort. And with next-day installation, now is the perfect time to cash in on a super-hot Vaillant deal. Just click here for the return of your fixed price list in 20 seconds.

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