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Heat-Only Boiler Prices

Heat only boilers are also called regular boilers, because they are a conventional means of circulating heat through the home.

Although typically installed in large properties, these boilers are also suited to traditional homes. Working in combination with a hot water storage cylinder, these boilers are able to provide a continuous supply of water, without any impact on water pressure.

Keep on reading as we present some heat-only boiler prices and specs.


  • What Are the Benefits of a Heat Only Boiler?
  • What Size Heat-only Boilers are Available?
  • Why Choose a Heat-only Boiler Over Other Types?
  • Why Choose a Heat-only Boiler Over Other Types?
  • Which Heat-only Boiler Will You Choose?

What Are The Benefits of a Heat-Only Boiler?

It’s quite common for the heat-only boiler to be installed at the downstairs level of a house, with a separate water storage tank being placed in an airing cupboard or similar. There are a good range of benefits to be enjoyed after installation:

They will supply hot water regardless of the pressure

Heat only boilers are connected to a cistern and use a pump for the circulation of hot water through the home. This means that you can be assured of hot water, no matter whether your property is in a high or low pressure area.

They provide back-up heating support

There is the option of having an immersion heater fitted inside the hot water tank for the back-up supply of water throughout the home. This means that you’ll be guaranteed hot water in the rare event of a boiler breakdown.

They cater for high demand

A heat-only boiler may well be the ideal domestic solution if your household has a particularly high demand for water. They will be able to maintain the desirable everyday water supply, where a combi boiler may not. It’s little wonder that they’re such a popular choice for workplaces and large properties.

What Size Heat-Only Boilers Are Available?

Heat-only boilers come in a wide range of sizes, with the power output having a direct bearing. You should consider the number of radiators in your home when selecting a suitable model. 1.5kW should be added for each radiator and 3kW for each water cylinder.

Take your pick from 12kW heat-only boilers, such as the Potterton Promax SL, right up to 36kW models, such as the Ideal Mexico HE.

Why Choose a Heat-Only Boiler Over Other Types?

As mentioned, heat-only boilers are especially suited to large homes, requiring the simultaneous supply of hot water on a regular basis. This may be the case in a house with more than two bathrooms, or where several people want to shower in the morning. However, a combi or system boiler may be better suited if you have a more limited demand for hot water.

Which Heat-Only Boiler Will You Choose?

If you’re ready to invest in a new heat-only boiler then you should use our comparison tool to view a selection of the hottest deals. Click here for a rapid generation of heat-only boiler prices and book in for installation as soon as tomorrow.

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