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Glow-worm Ultimate3 Combi

Glow-worm central heating is known for high-performance, top-rated boilers with a wide range of models.

This boiler guide is about the Ultimate3 combi gas boiler. Glow-worm Ultimate3 Combi Compare Boiler Quotes

This boiler has an ErP A rating that instantly tells you your bills will be lower due to the energy saving.

Your approved boiler engineer will decide whether this is the best boiler for your home.


Boiler Cost:

First things first, you are probably wondering how much the Ultimate3 30kW combi boiler costs.

Companies, including Boiler Central, will fit your boiler before you pay a penny. You can’t get much more reassurance than that if you want a company that believes in the boilers they install.

The price will differ because this boiler is also available to suit larger homes with a 35kW output. Glow-worm Ultimate3 Combi Compare Boiler Quotes

Also, remember installation fees are not included within the price. Installation fees can cost anything up to £1000.

If you would prefer a boiler to include installation fees, go to 

The 30kW combi boiler would suit a home up to five bedrooms and would cost around £725.

The 35kW combi boiler would suit a home with up to six bedrooms and would cost around £800.


Is this Boiler Suitable for My Home:

If you have a larger home with up to six bedrooms but don’t have extra space in the loft or airing cupboard, this could be the boiler for you.

The airing cupboard and the loft get mentioned because a system boiler requires a hot water cylinder to live in the airing cupboard and the cold water tank to live in the attic. Glow-worm Ultimate3 Combi Compare Boiler Quotes

The combi boiler is a one-unit boiler that can live in a wall-mounted kitchen cupboard. Combi boilers can struggle if you require water to more than one tap at once; the reason for this is the water comes from the mains.

Your Gas Safe engineer would tell you which output flow rate you would need to run your home comfortably.


Is this Boiler High- Efficiency:

The answer to this question is yes. This boiler has an A rating for efficiency and can connect to controls that will reach the maximum efficiency rating.

If you are thinking of replacing an old inefficient boiler to a new efficient boiler that would be a great idea, your energy bills will reduce by a tremendous amount. Glow-worm Ultimate3 Combi Compare Boiler Quotes

All of this range have the Grundfos modulating pump built within. This pump used will reduce energy, which is the reason your energy bills will decrease.

Below will explain the efficiency controls which can connect.



The Glow-worm Ultimate3 range uses high-quality, automotive-grade aluminium heat exchanges to help the performance and extend the boiler’s longevity. A modern, bright LCD display with straightforward controls and interface are included.

An inbuilt filling loop is used so that maintenance is made simple, and a variety of flue options is so included so you can place your boiler in the desired location. Glow-worm Ultimate3 Combi Compare Boiler Quotes

Optional, you can add on the MiGo app control that you can manage off your smartphone or tablet. This app lets you set your heating and hot water temperature wherever you are and also memorises your needs.

It has similar controls to most other Glow-worm combi boilers, including adjustable heating and hot water temperature buttons. Like we said above, the boiler is compatible with a range of optional controls to enhance performance and user experience.

You can also add a wired or wireless room thermostat as your heating assistant.


Boiler Warranty:

Warranty is an excellent thing for peace of mind in case any issues occur.

Always follow the guidelines on the manufacture website to keep your warranty valid. Glow-worm Ultimate3 Combi Compare Boiler Quotes

The Ultimate3 Combi has a parts and labour five-year warranty as standard.

Glow-worm offers a warranty extension if your boiler is installed using a Club Energy installer by Glow-worm.


Advantages & Disadvantages:

See below the advantages and disadvantages of the Glow-worm Ultimate3 gas combi boiler:




  • Suitable for homes with five to six bedrooms and multiple bathrooms.
  • The combi boiler does not require a hot water cylinder or cold water tank.
  • Simple to install, service, and manage.
  • Built within is a Grundfos pump to reduce energy bills by lowering energy usage.
  • A high-quality aluminium heat exchanger is used to enhance the performance and longevity of the boiler.
  • Environmentally friendly.  Glow-worm Ultimate3 Combi Compare Boiler Quotes
  • Fits with controls to reach maximum efficiency.
  • Connects with the MiGo app-based control, which allows you to manage your heating and hot water wherever you are.
  • The boiler has a decent warranty for five years.



  • Which? Give Glow- worm an overall score of 54%.


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