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Worcester Bosch Combi Boiler Prices

Worcester Bosch has a deservedly outstanding reputation as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of efficient, affordable and reliable boilers. Having won the Which? Best Buy award for nine consecutive years, it’s little wonder that their combi boilers are such a popular domestic choice. But which of the Worcester Bosch offerings are best suited to your budget and everyday heating needs?


  • How Much Do Worcester Bosch Combi Boilers Cost?
  • What Are the Benefits of a Worcester Bosch Combi Boiler?
  • Why Choose Worcester Bosch? How Do Its Prices Compare to the Competition?
  • What About Worcester Bosch’s Heating Controls?
  • Which Worcester Bosch Combi Boiler Will You Choose?

How Much Do Worcester Bosch Combi Boilers Cost?

Although Worcester Bosch’s combi boilers are some of the most expensive in the industry, they do provide some of the best performance available. Prices start at £770 and range all the way up to £2,510.

The Top 5 Worcester Bosch Combi Boilers and Their Average Prices

  1. Worcester Bosch Greenstar Junior 24i – Guide Price £770
  2. Worcester Bosch Greenstar 25Si – Guide Price £854
  3. Worcester Bosch Greenstar Junior 28i – Guide Price £859
  4. Worcester Bosch Greenstar 28CDi Compact – Guide Price £978
  5. Worcester Bosch Greenstar 29CDi Classic – Guide Price £1,020

As you can see, prices for a Worcester Bosch combi boiler scale alongside their power output. The size you need is ultimately determined by the size of your home and how many bathroom’s it has.

For example, a Worcester Bosch Greenstar Junior 24i would be great for a two-three bedroom house with one bathroom, whereas a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 29CDi Classic would be best suited to a three-four bedroom house with one regular bathroom and an ensuite.

What Are The Benefits of a Worcester Bosch Combi Boiler?

With a heritage stretching back to 1962, Worcester Bosch has gone from strength to strength in the production of popular and innovative heating products. Consider the benefits of their multi award-winning combi boiler range:

They’re surprisingly compact

Worcester Bosch has combined the traditional water heater and central heating boiler into a single high-performance unit, with a surprising amount of space being saved. It’s compact combi boilers can be tucked away in cupboards or under the stairs for the preservation of your interior styling.

They’re extremely reliable

Such is their reputation for reliability that British gas opted to form an exclusive agreement with Worcester Bosch for the mass installation of their boilers. An astonishingly small number of complaints have been made about the performance of the premium combi boilers. What’s more, there are a variety of warranty options offered across the Worcester Bosch range.

They look good

Worcester Bosch has designed its complete range of combi boilers with their domestic customers in mind. This is obvious in the contemporary styling of the Greenstar 8000 Lifestyle range.

Why Choose Worcester Bosch? How do its Prices Compare To The Competition?

With such an excellent manufacturing reputation, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to discover that the Worcester Bosch boilers are a little more expensive than the competition. Prices vary, from £770 for the 24 kW A Rated Greenstar Junior 24i, to £2,510 for the 32 kW Greenstar Heatslave II.

You can be assured that the Worcester Bosch boilers are built to last, ensuring the highest standards of heating performance year-on-year.

What About Worcester Bosch’s Combi Heating Controls?

Worcester Bosch offer a superior selection of heating controls, designed to boost everyday heating performance and enable you to make considerable energy savings. You can take your pick from smart heating controls, digital controls and traditional mechanical controls. No matter the choice, you’ll be assured of enhanced control and home comfort.

Which Worcester Bosch Combi Boiler Will You Choose?

You’re probably ready to start enjoying the distinct benefits of the Worcester Bosch combi boilers. However, it’s well worth using our quote generator for the rapid return of your Worcester Bosch combi boiler prices list. Simply select your preferred Worcester Bosch model and arrange for next day installation to start enjoying the heating transformation.

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