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Vokera Combi Boiler Prices

Respected as one of the leading UK heating manufacturers, Vokera offer a superior selection of combi boilers. Available in 28kw, 32kw, and 36kw varieties, these boilers are suited to the heating of small and large properties.

These combi boilers are the ideal choice if you want to maximise the availability of space and ensure the on-demand circulation of hot water.


  • How Much Do Vokera Combi Boilers Cost?
  • What Are the Benefits of a Vokera Combi Boiler?
  • Why Choose Vokera? How Do Its Prices Compare to the Competition?
  • What About Vokera’s Heating Controls?
  • Which Vokera Combi Boiler Will You Choose?

How Much Do Vokera Combi Boilers Cost?

Vokera’s combi boilers are some of the cheapest on the market. However, these low prices are by no means an indication of bad quality. Vokera’s least expensive combi boiler comes in at £449, with an average price of £716 across the whole range.

The Top 5 Vokera Combi Boilers and Their Average Prices

  1. Vokera Evolve C – Guide Price £675
  2. Vokera Easiheat – Guide Price £750
  3. Vokera Vision C – Guide Price £880
  4. Vokera Vision Plus C – Guide Price £950
  5. Vokera Compact – Guide Price £895

What Are The Benefits of a Vokera Combi Boiler?

Having honed its heating solutions over 30 years, it’s little wonder that Vokera combi boilers have become the first choice for many homeowners, installers and merchants across the UK. Discover the benefits of the Vokera combi boiler range:

They’re suited to homes of all shapes and sizes

As mentioned, the Vokera combi boilers offer varying levels of performance to suit your domestic needs. You can even take your pick from a selection of Compact A class boilers, suitable for bungalows and flats.

They’re highly efficient

Offering highly-desirable efficiency, the Vokera boilers come recommended by the Energy Saving Trust. You can expect significant reductions of wasted heat and energy bills following the installation of your selected Vokera boiler.

They feature advanced technology

Vokera makes use of the most advanced technologies to ensure the efficiency of its entire boiler range. As an example, the Unica i32 combi boiler can be integrated with Class VI controls for an A+ energy rating and 30% reduction in heating bills.

Why Choose Vokera? How Do Its Prices Compare To The Competition?

Given the technological integrations you may well be astonished by the highly competitive Vokera combi boiler prices. You can buy an A rated 25kw Vokera Easi-Heat Plus 25Ci for as little as £449.00 (excluding installation). And while prices do go up to £882.58 for the 30kw Vision 30C, the Vokera range still stands out in terms of affordability.

What About Vokera’s Heating Controls?

Vokera has produced a great selection of user-friendly controls to complement its affordable and efficient combi boilers. These controls will enable you to make essential heating adjustments based on the weather and your desired level of comfort. However, you may well be wondering which of the controls is best suited to your individual needs.

The Vokera 7 Day programmable thermostat is a particularly budget-friendly choice, enabling you to maintain control over your boiler timings and temperatures through the week. The Vokera Outdoor Weather Compensation Sensor will make automatic adjustments based on the conditions outside your home.

And you might also be interested in the remote capabilities of the internet-enabled Vokera BeSMART. This smart device will enable you to make adjustments across eight separate heating zones to suit your comfort preferences. 

Which Vokera Boiler Will You Choose?

Keen to save some money and enjoy the high-level heating capabilities of your first-choice Vokera combi boiler? Click here for the return of unbeatable Vokera combi boiler prices within just 20 seconds.

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