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Ideal Combi Boiler Prices

With boilers able to meet the full range of domestic central heating output and flowrate requirements, it’s little wonder that Ideal is such a popular brand. However, with such a wide choice, you may well be wondering which of the Ideal combi boilers is best suited to your individual demands.

Keep on reading as we present the must-know specs and Ideal combi boiler prices for your consideration. Then, make use of our comparison tool for a fixed price quote in just 20 seconds.


  • How Much Do Ideal Combi Boilers Cost?
  • What Are the Benefits of an Ideal Combi Boiler?
  • Why Choose Ideal? How Do Its Prices Compare to the Competition?
  • What About Ideal’s Heating Controls?
  • Which Ideal Combi Boiler Will You Choose?

How Much Do Ideal Combi Boilers Cost?

Ideal’s combi boilers start from as little as £650 without installation, rising to £1,349 without installation for the 40 kW Ideal Vogue Max combi boiler.

The Top 5 Ideal Combi Boilers and Their Average Prices

  1. Ideal Logic ESP 1 24 kW Combi Boiler – Guide Price £745 (Without Installation)
  2. Ideal Logic Max 24 kW Combi Boiler – Guide Price £880 (Without Installation)
  3. Ideal Logic+ 24 kW Combi Boiler – Guide Price £880 (Without Installation)
  4. Ideal Vogue 40 kW – Guide Price £1,185 (Without Installation)
  5. Ideal Vogue Max 32 kW Combi Boiler – Guide Price £1,234 (Without Installation

These combi boilers have varying kilowatt (kW) outputs, so the costs are for the average kW output rating for that range of boiler.

Depending on the size of your home and your hot water needs, you will need a less or more powerful boiler which will decrease or increase the cost of your new boiler.

For instance, if you have a small home with one or two bathrooms and your hot water requirements are low, a smaller boiler like the Ideal Logic Max 24 kW combi boiler could be ideal. This boiler would cost in the region of £880 without installation, or £1,780 with installation.

If your home is larger and you need more hot water, a more powerful boiler like the Ideal Vogue 40 kW combi boiler would be better suited to your needs. This Ideal model is likely to cost £1,234 without installation, or £2,085 all in.

What Are The Benefits of an Ideal Combi Boiler

All of the combi boilers in the Ideal range have undergone rigorous testing for the assurance of endurance and reliability, but the benefits don’t end there:

They’re easy to install

Each of the models in the Ideal combi range have a compact cupboard fit, meaning that they can be easily installed in the snuggest spaces. However, the Ideal iMini stands out as the smallest and most suitable choice where space is at a premium.

They ensure the highest levels of efficiency

All Ideal combi boilers are ErP compliant, meaning that they meet A-rated efficiency levels. Purpose-made to heat only as much water as you need, these combi boilers will also enable you to cut your energy expenses.

They come with a warranty

Warranties are provided as standard across the Ideal combi range, with a duration of anywhere between two and ten years. So, you’ll be covered in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong with your Ideal boiler.

Why Choose Ideal? How Does Its Prices Compare To The Competition?

The premium quality of the Ideal combi boiler range is reflected in the pricing. While the standard Logic Combi boiler is priced from £749, you can expect to pay £950+ for a Vogue or Logic+, and best-sellers such as the Vogue Max C32 and C40 come with a price tag of over £1,200.

It’s well worth comparing combi boiler quotes to ensure that you get the possible deal.

What About Ideal’s Heating Controls?

You’re encouraged to combine the purchase of an Ideal combi boiler with purpose-made heating controls for the greatest savings in terms of energy and money. However, there are such a wide selection of controls that you may well be confused as to the best choice.

You can take your pick between thermostats, timers, and accessories compatible with combi boiler models such as the Vogue and Logic. Seasonal adjustments can be made via the radio frequency connection of the RF Electronic Thermostat, and you can keep a close tab on your heating and hot water schedules with the Ideal Touch Combi.

Which Ideal Boiler Will You Choose?

If you want a fixed price on a new Ideal combi boiler upgrade, then compare boiler prices here and get a free list of quotes within 20 seconds. With our direct pricing comparisons, you can ensure you make the biggest savings when buying your Ideal boiler.

Or, if you aren’t quite ready to make the investment, then have a read of our combi boiler guide and boiler reviews.

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