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Baxi Solo HE A Boilers are called a Heat only boiler or also known as a Regular boiler. Baxi Solo HE A Boilers Compare Boiler Quotes

They come with two tanks, one for storing cold water and the other for storing hot water.

The way they run makes them environmentally friendly and helps reduce your energy bills. For this reason, they have qualified for the SEDBUK efficiency rating award. This boiler adjusts the temperature continuously to help fuel waste, and this will also help get the full life out of the boiler.

This boiler price starts from £510. 

This does not include heating engineer installation fees or VAT.

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Baxi Solo HE A Boilers aim to please everybody. They come in five different output flow rates aiming to suit every household.

The flow rates are: 12kW, 15kW, 18kW, 24kW or 30kW

Your Gas Safe engineer will help choose which size boiler you need to help fulfil the demands of your home.

Baxi Solo HE A Boilers are classed as compact and not heavy, these key factors ensure this boiler is quick and easy for installation. This boiler can be wall hung.

Baxi Solo HE A Boilers come with a standard two-year warranty for parts and labour, warranty is always great for peace of idea, so if any issues do occur, you know you are covered. Always remember to stick to the guidelines to keep your warranty valid, for example: annually service your boiler.

Baxi Solo HE A Boilers Spec:

Solo 12 HE A Heat Only H – 600 mm
W – 390 mm
D – 320 mm
N/A 12 kW 90% AND ABOVE £568.98
Solo 15 HE A Heat Only H – 600 mm
W – 390 mm
D – 320 mm
N/A 15 kW 90% AND ABOVE £595
Solo 18 HE A Heat Only H – 600 mm
W – 390 mm
D – 320 mm
N/A 18 kW 90% AND ABOVE £642
Solo 24 HE A Heat Only H – 600 mm
W – 390 mm
D – 320 mm
N/A 24 kW 90% AND ABOVE £670
Solo 30 HE A Heat Only H – 600 mm
W – 390 mm
D – 320 mm
N/A 30 kW 90% AND ABOVE £725.01

Boiler Information

SEDBUK Band A High Energy Efficiency
Fully Modulation ratio Energy efficiency Longer boiler lifespan
Lightweight, compact cupboard fit Easy fit, space saving
Perfect for replacing a non-condensing heat-only boiler Easy replacement
NOx Class 5 Environmental friendly
Simple controls for easy operation User friendly
Standard 2 year parts and labour warranty Peace of Mind

Our Thoughts On The Baxi Solo HE A:

The key points what we like about this regular boiler are:

Baxi Solo HE A Boilers Compare Boiler Quotes

With regular boilers having two tanks, one for storing cold water, and the other for storing hot water and running like the old traditional heating systems. You can have as much water as you would possibly like without it interfering with the heating, such as the radiators.

It is excellent that it is compact, can be wall hung, and the water storage tanks come in different sizes.

It is suitable for every property with it having the five different output ratings, and it is excellent that it has the SEDBUK rating for energy efficiency, which exceeds 90%.

It is not too high priced for the quality of the boiler.

Baxi Solo HE boilers are suitable for properties with one to five bedrooms. More aimed towards older properties rather than new builds usually would be placed in the attic and made use of the water cistern, which is cold water and the expansion tank.

Regular boilers work differently to Combi boilers. Combi boilers don’t store water to be used by the taps as the heat only boilers do. 

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