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Baxi EcoBlue System Compare Boiler Quotes

Baxi EcoBlue System is available in a range of different outputs; therefore will be able to be fitted in other size properties with different size heating and hot water requirements.

This System boiler is a condensing gas boiler, which is compact enough to fit in a kitchen cupboard.

This boiler is another Baxi boiler that has the A* rating from SEDBUK.

The SEDBUK rating is for energy efficiency, which will make the boiler environmentally friendly and decrease fuel bills.

Baxi EcoBlue System can be used with different controls and accessories, which will enhance your boiler in many ways.

This Baxi boiler comes with a standard 7-year warranty for parts and labour. This is great peace of mind.


How Much Does this Boiler Cost?

The price will differ depending on which size output you or your heating engineer decide you need to run your property.

The different flow rate options are:

12kW, 15kW, 18kW, 24kW, 28kW and 32kW.

The prices not including VAT or installation fees start at £920 to £1140.

If you want a boiler including installation fees go to 


Is this boiler suitable for my home?

As said above, this Baxi boiler will fit in a kitchen cupboard, and then you need to find space for the cylinder which stores the hot water. An airing cupboard is usually a place for cylinder storage.

A system boiler is the best kind of boiler if you have two or more bathrooms that need hot water supply at the same time.

A Gas Safe engineer would tell you if this is the perfect boiler for your home and which output flow rate you would need to fulfill your heating and hot water demands.


Is it a High-Efficiency Boiler? Baxi EcoBlue System Compare Boiler Quotes

As said above, the Baxi’s EcoBlue System is an A* rated boiler for energy efficiency, and this is due to the rating of 89.1%. This Baxi boiler is also compatible with a Megaflo Eco Cylinder that will improve the boiler’s performance and efficiency. Due to the excellent energy efficiency, you will be helping the environment, because of this, the boiler is awarded by Energy Saving Trust.


Range of Controls and Features of the Baxi EcoBlue System Boiler:

The Baxi EcoBlue System is designed to look easy on the eye. The controls are hidden behind a panel for this reason.

These controls include a reset button, system pressure gauge, a switch that allows you to adjust the central heating temperature, an LCD status, and temperature display to show if faults occur.

Baxi EcoBlue System Compare Boiler Quotes

Baxi also has optional controls available to purchase. Such as twin channel wired programmer, outdoor weather sensor, a room thermostat, inbuilt frost protection, different flue lengths to fit your location, and the option for the boiler to be wall-mounted. 


How long is the Warranty on this Boiler? 

The Baxi EcoBlue System comes with a standard 7-years warranty for parts and labour. To ensure you keep this warranty, always have your boiler serviced annually and ensure you stick to any other conditions applied.

Baxi EcoBlue System Compare Boiler Quotes


Baxi EcoBlue System Information

EcoBlue System 12 System H – 700 mm
W – 390 mm
D – 295 mm
N/A 12 kW 90% AND ABOVE £910
EcoBlue System 18 System H – 700 mm
W – 300 mm
D – 295 mm
N/A 18 kW 90% AND ABOVE £990
EcoBlue System 24 System H – 700 mm
W – 390 mm
D – 295 mm
N/A 24 kW 90% AND ABOVE £1050
EcoBlue System 28 System H – 700 mm
W – 390 mm
D – 295 mm
N/A 28 kW 90% AND ABOVE £1100
EcoBlue System 32 System H – 700 mm
W – 390 mm
D – 295 mm
N/A 32 kW 90% AND ABOVE £1130



Advantages and disadvantages:

Take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages below of this boiler:Baxi EcoBlue System Compare Boiler Quotes


  • On Reevoo they have reviews 8.7 out of 10
  •  kitchen cupboard fit, 300mm deep
  • Suited best for 1-5 bedroom homes
  • They are really easy boilers to use
  • Comes with a choice of flue lengths – helps your chosen storage location
  • These boilers are environmentally friendly
  • Due to their efficiency you can benefit from reduced fuel bills
  • They can be used with Megaflo cylinders
  • An extended warranty of 7 years is available


  • The Which score of Baxi boilers is 54%
  • A separate cylinder is required – more storage space needed
  • The controls of the boiler are basic

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