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The Baxi 400 

This Baxi heat only boiler is also known as a regular or traditional boiler. It will keep your hot water supplies running by demand without interrupting the heating system, such as the radiators.

Baxi 400 Heat Compare Boiler Quotes

Baxi manufactures have invented this boiler with output flow rates to suit properties with one bedroom to five bedrooms. The flow rates go from 12kW for the properties that require the least amount of heating and hot water to 30kW for the properties that require large amounts of heating and hot water on demand.

The order of the output flow rates is 12kW, 15kW, 18kW, 24kW, or 30kW.

Your Gas Safe engineer will advise you on which size boiler you need for your home to run efficiently and comfortably.

This boiler has been designed to be compact, wall hung, and not heavy.

It is simple to place in your chosen location, usually a kitchen cupboard. It is also made to be quick to be installed by the heating engineer, which could save you money.

What is the price of this boiler?

The price of the boiler would depend on which size boiler is needed for your home.

The price, which does not include installation fees or VAT, starts from £700 to £850.

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Is this boiler suitable for my home?

This boiler is going by the name “traditional boiler,” meaning it is better suited for older properties rather than new builds.

This is because they usually have a loft or airing cupboard already in place to store the separate water cylinders, these individual tanks are the lifesaver when wanting to run hot water to different taps in one go.

What is the efficiency of this boiler?

The Baxi 400 boiler is recognised by the Energy Saving Trust, giving you great peace of mind that this boiler will help save you money on your energy bills and will also make you environmentally friendly.

Baxi 400 Heat Compare Boiler Quotes

Alongside the energy recognition, this boiler can also be paired with accessories to boost the energy performance, even more, this accessory is called; Megaflo Eco Cylinder.

Out of all the latest condensing gas boiler on the market, it isn’t the most efficient but still has a rating of 89.2% for efficiency.

Controls and Accessories for the Baxi 400:

The Baxi 400 does not require any extra wiring; therefore is easy to install by the heating engineer, another part which the heating engineers rate is the buttons being placed on the front and sides, which is easy access for them during the annual services.

A switch is placed so you can change the temperature to suit your needs; this will also help save money on the energy bills.

The other buttons are the restart button, which is connected to the mode selector.

The fancy part of the boiler is the LED display, which will show any errors and the status of the boiler.

Baxi 400 comes with different flu lengths to help when you choose your desired location for the boiler.

What is the warranty on this Boiler? 

Having a warranty is an excellent peace of mind in case any issues occur in the future, always remember to stick to guidelines to keep your warranty valid. This Baxi model comes with a standard 5-year warranty for labour and parts.

Baxi 400 Heat Compare Boiler Quotes



Baxi 400 Model & Price:

400 Heat 12 Heat Only H – 625 mm
W – 370 mm
D – 270 mm
N/A 12 kW 90% AND ABOVE £690
400 heat 15 Heat Only H – 625 mm
W – 370 mm
D – 270 mm
N/A 15 kW 90% AND ABOVE £710
400 Heat 18 Heat Only H – 625 mm
W – 370 mm
D – 270 mm
N/A 18 kW 90% AND ABOVE £750
400 Heat 24 Heat Only H – 625 mm
W – 370 mm
D – 270 mm
N/A 24 kW 90% AND ABOVE £800
400 Heat 30 Heat Only H – 625 mm
W – 370 mm
D – 270 mm
N/A 30 kW 90% AND ABOVE £840

Advantages & Disadvantages:

Read below the advantages and disadvantages and see if this is the boiler to suit your home.

Baxi 400 Heat Compare Boiler Quotes


  • Compact cupboard fit, usually a kitchen cupboard or can be wall hung
  • Suitable for 1 to 5 bedroom homes
  • Rated by heating engineers for the simple installation and service features
  • Different lengths of flues available so you can fit the boiler in your location of choice
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduces energy bills due to the efficiency rating
  • Fits with performance accessories – Megaflo Eco Cylinders
  • Standard parts and labour warranty for 5-years


  • Which score of 54%
  • Loft tank and cylinders required takes up extra space
  • The controls are limited

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