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Baxi Duo-Tec 2-24 Combi GA Boilers

Baxi Duo-Tec 2-24 Combi GA Boilers Prices


Baxi Duo-Tec 2-24 Combi GA boilers can save you up to an extra £70 plus on your bills. This is due to the additional features this boiler has included, to enhance the efficiency performance. These built-in features are a two-speed pump, which allows a 40% reduction in its electricity usage.

This award-winning Baxi boiler comes with a seven-year warranty for parts and labour, reassuring you that this boiler is designed to last. Baxi Duo-Tec 2-24 Combi GA Boilers Compare Boiler Quotes

Always follow the guidelines to keep your warranty valid. You can read the key guidelines here.

This gas-fueled boiler, which can also run off LPG, has an efficiency rating of 89% and a SEDBUK A* rating.

The Baxi Duo-tec Combi HE A is available in 24kW, 28kW, 33kW, and 40kW outputs to fit any size property. Your Gas Safe engineer will recommend which size you will need to run your home effectively and efficiently.

This boiler is suited to a flat or apartment with 1 to 2 bedrooms and one bathroom—the prices not including installation fees or VAT start around £710.

The Baxi boiler has a built-in THINK combustion management system, which enhances the boiler’s performance and allows it to run smoothly and be reliable. Baxi Duo-Tec 2-24 Combi GA Boilers Compare Boiler Quotes

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The Baxi Duo-Tec 2-24 Combi GA boiler includes user-friendly controls. It is simple to install and has a modulation ratio of 1:7 for reliability.

The adaptive gas controls monitor gas and oxygen levels, which can then adapt the boiler itself to provide outstanding performance all of the time.

The measurements of this boiler are:

  • Boiler width = 450mm.
  • Boiler height = 780mm.
  • Boiler depth = 345mm.


Boiler Information

SEDBUK ‘A’ efficiency rating Lower gas bills
User Friendly Controls Ease of use
Modulation ratio 1:7 fewer ignitions, greater reliability
Cuts Energy Bills turns more than 90% of the fuel to heat
User Friendly Control Panel and Display Guide Ease of use
Gas adaptive controls monitors gas and oxygen levels and then adapts itself to provide optimum combustion performance at all times
Can fit any size property The Baxi Duo-tec Combi HE A is available in 24kW, 28kW, 33kW and 40kW outputs so can fit any size house / apartment
7 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty Peace of Mind
Stylish, contemporary design User Friendly
Two speed pump 40% reduction in electrical consumption per year
Single Model with LPG & Gas No need for the extra expense of an LPG conversion kit, resulting in cheaper installation


If you are looking for an efficient boiler for a flat or apartment, the award-winning Baxi Duo-Tec 2-24 Combi GA boiler could be the boiler for you. This is a reliable boiler built to live a long time and includes some high-end features. If you like the sound of this boiler but have a property with more bedrooms, there are more boilers in this range available with a higher output.Baxi Duo-Tec 2-24 Combi GA Boilers Compare Boiler Quotes


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