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Baxi Boilers Prices

Baxi Boiler Prices for Combi and System Boilers

In this Baxi boilers price guide you will find out:

  • Baxi combi boiler prices
  • Baxi system boiler prices
  • Baxi heat only boiler prices
Baxi Boilers Prices Compare Boiler Quotes

Baxi boiler prices start from £570 to £1,075

Baxi Boilers Prices Compare Boiler Quotes

Baxi is a well-known brand in the boiler market and has been in operation since the 1850s, well over 150 years. They offer a range of combi boilers, system boilers and heat only boilers to power your heating and hot water.

Baxi offers a range of warranty options on all of their boilers from 3 years right through to a 10-year warranty. This includes parts and labour. Their customer service engineers are Which? approved and are Gas Safe registered engineers as you would expect.

Baxi Boilers Prices Compare Boiler Quotes

Baxi combi boiler Prices

Baxi has a range of low, mid and top-end combi boilers with pricing that is affordable for most buyers. Combi boilers make up the majority of sales at Baxi due to their ability to quickly heat water for on-demand purposes.

Combi boilers are great for space-saving as most can fit into a kitchen cupboard and have no separate hot water cylinder or tank.

The price of Baxi combi boilers ranges from £650 to £1,050 as a guide cost. For example, a Baxi 100 combi boiler would be around the £650 mark, then at the top end, you have the EcoBlue+ at around £1,050.

The prices above are for the combi boiler only and do not include installation by a Gas Safe engineer.

Below are the top 5 Baxi Combi Boilers and their average Prices

(Without Installation)

  1. Baxi 100 Combi Boiler – Guide Price £650Baxi Boilers Prices Compare Boiler Quotes
  2. Baxi 200 Combi Boiler – Guide Price £670
  3. Baxi 400 Combi Boiler – Guide Price £730
  4. Baxi 600 Combi Boiler – Guide Price £975
  5. Baxi Eco Blue+ – Guide Price £1,050

Baxi Boilers Prices Compare Boiler QuotesBaxi Boilers Prices Compare Boiler QuotesBaxi Boilers Prices Compare Boiler QuotesBaxi Boilers Prices Compare Boiler QuotesBaxi Boilers Prices Compare Boiler Quotes




The above combis have varying kilowatt (kW) output so the costs are for the average kW output rating for that range of boiler.

Depending on the boiler power required to heat your home, you will need a less or more powerful boiler which will decrease or increase the cost of the new boiler.

A Baxi 100 combi boiler around 25kW would be ideal for a small home with 1-2 bathrooms where there is not a high level of hot water demand. This boiler as stated above would cost £650 as a guide without installation.

If you have a larger home with multiple bathrooms and a higher demand for hot water, then the Baxi 600 combi boiler would be perfect in a 36kW output. The guide combi boiler price on this would be more than the top end of £1,050 which does not include boiler installation.

Benefits of a Baxi Combi Boiler

There are lots of benefits of choosing your new combi from Baxi from market-leading technology through to their energy efficiency.

Their boilers are mainly A-Rated which can save you money each year on gas bills. Who doesn’t like a reduction in energy bills?

Another great plus with a Baxi combination boiler is that most of the installers in the UK can fit these as they are very popular options for many homeowners.

If you are unsure what size boiler you need for your home then get in contact with us.

Below is a full list of combi boilers from Baxi and their prices:

Boiler BrandBoiler ModelBoiler TypeOutputEnergy Efficiency RatingPrice without InstallationPrice with Installation
Baxi100 LPG Combi Boiler24 kWA Rated£605£1,555
Baxi400Combi Boiler24 kWA Rated£621£1,571
Baxi200Combi Boiler24 kWA Rated£633£1,583
Baxi100Combi Boiler24 kWA Rated£689£1,639
Baxi600Combi Boiler24 kWA Rated£711£1,661
BaxiNeta-tec Plus Combi GACombi Boiler24 kWA Rated£829£1,779
BaxiEcoBlue + Combi Boiler24 kWA Rated£835£1,785
BaxiPlatinum HE ACombi Boiler24 kWA Rated£888£1,838
BaxiEcoBlue Advance Combi Boiler24 kWA Rated£905£1,855
Baxi400Combi Boiler28 kWA Rated£693£1,643
Baxi200Combi Boiler28 kWA Rated£703£1,653
Baxi100Combi Boiler28 kWA Rated£737£1,687
Baxi400 LPG Combi Boiler28 kWA Rated£738£1,688
Baxi100 LPGCombi Boiler28 kWA Rated£789£1,739
BaxiNeta-tec Combi GACombi Boiler28 kWA Rated£819£1,769
BaxiDuo-tec GACombi Boiler28 kWA Rated£875£1,825
BaxiEcoblue + Combi Boiler28 kWA Rated£936£1,886
BaxiNeta-tec Plus GACombi Boiler28 kWA Rated£939£1,889
BaxiPlatinum HE ACombi Boiler28 kWA Rated£949£1,899
BaxiEcoBlue AdvanceCombi Boiler28 kWA Rated£955£1,905
Baxi600Combi Boiler30 kWA Rated£856£1,806
BaxiNeta-tec GACombi Boiler33 kWA Rated£859£1,809
BaxiDuo-tec HE ACombi Boiler33 kWA Rated£903£1,853
BaxiDuo-Tec GACombi Boiler33 kWA Rated£968£1,918
BaxiEcoblue +Combi Boiler33 kWA Rated£1,010£1,960
BaxiNeta-tec Plus GACombi Boiler33 kWA Rated£1,036£1,986
BaxiPlatinum HE ACombi Boiler33 kWA Rated£1,050£2,000
BaxiEcoBlue AdvanceCombi Boiler33 kWA Rated£1,055£2,005
Baxi600Combi Boiler36 kWA Rated£1,064£2,014
BaxiDuo-Tec GACombi Boiler40 kWA Rated£1,015£1,965
BaxiPlatinum HE ACombi Boiler40 kWA Rated£1,151£2,101

Baxi System Boiler Prices

System boilers are perfect for homes that require a higher output of hot water where multiple demands for hot water are required. These systems are usually found in larger homes as well as older properties before combi boiler replacement options were heavily introduced.

They feature a boiler along with a hot water storage tank (not a cold water tank) and are also called ‘regular boilers’.

Baxi has a range of system boilers that are again perfect for a wide range of homes, with the highest efficiency possible for a boiler manufacturer. These will power the most central heating systems and save you money each year.

Their range of system boilers come with varying price ranges. As an overview, you can get a Baxi Megaflo System for on average £750 or something better such as the ExoBlue System at just over £1,000. These prices do not include installation and are for the boiler only.

Below are the top 3 Baxi System Boilers and their average Prices

(Without Installation)

  1. Baxi Megaflo System Compact – Guide Price £750
  2. Baxi Megaflo System – Guide Price £850
  3. Baxi EcoBlue System – Guide Price £1,075

Baxi Boilers Prices Compare Boiler QuotesBaxi Boilers Prices Compare Boiler QuotesBaxi Boilers Prices Compare Boiler Quotes




The above system boilers come in varying Kilowatt (kW) power output rating of which the prices do change depending on the power consumption needed for your property. Also, the costs above do not include the new boiler installation by an engineer.

As a guide, a Megaflo System Compact 12kW would be perfect for a small home with 1-2 bedrooms or bathrooms, and an EcoBlue System would be ideal for larger homes with multiple bathrooms.

Benefits of a Baxi System Boiler:

Baxi system boilers are cost-effective and are the perfect choice for many homes in the UK. Some of the benefits of their system boilers include their fantastic energy efficiency being A Rated meaning they are super economical.

It is said that by having an A-Rated boiler you can save up to £340 on your energy bills according to the Energy Saving Trust. Baxi provides these types of system boilers so you can save money each year on your bills.

Due to the economy, you will be helping the environment which everyone should be doing as of late with the recent climate change issues. They are well known for reducing boiler kettling noises.

Baxi system boilers are not only easy on your wallet, they have a price range for everyone. This type of boiler is easy to install and most UK installers can fit these with no issues. This brings the installation costs down as they do not require specialist installers. You can even spread payments with boiler finance.

Finally, by getting a system boiler from Baxi, you can ensure that your hot water demand for your central heating system is met time after time.

Baxi Prices Review – Our Verdict On Baxi’s System Boiler Prices 

As with many of our boiler prices reviews, most manufacturers have a price range for a wide range of price points depending on the amount you want to pay for your boiler.

The system boilers from Baxi range from £750 (without installation fee) for their bottom of the range system boiler, their mid-range system boilers cost around £850 (without installation fee) and their top-end system boilers will hit your wallet for around £1,075, again without installation fees.

The warranty is included in the price however you will get a higher warranty the more you pay. The expense for an extended boiler warranty is well worth the investment if you can afford the expenditure.

They have a Trustpilot rating of 4.5 / 5 so that gives you some satisfaction their system boilers are worth the costs.

In conclusion, you can get a Baxi system boiler for a wide price range so it would be worthwhile getting a fixed online price for your new boiler that is suited to your home.

Below is a full list of system boilers and their prices from Baxi:

Boiler BrandBoiler ModelBoiler TypeOutputEnergy Efficiency RatingPrice without InstallationPrice with Installation
BaxiMegaflo Compact GASystem Boiler12 kWA Rated£640£1,590
BaxiMegaflo HE ASystem Boiler15 kWA Rated£669£1,619
BaxiMegaflo HE ASystem Boiler15 kWA Rated£671£1,621
BaxiMegaflo Compact 15 GASystem Boiler15 kWA Rated£673£1,623
BaxiMegaflo Compact 18 GASystem Boiler18 kWA Rated£675£1,625
BaxiMegaflo Compact 24 GASystem Boiler24 kWA Rated£739£1,689
BaxiMegaflo Compact 28 GASystem Boiler28 kWA Rated£745£1,695
BaxiMegaflo Compact 32 GASystem Boiler32 kWA Rated£756£1,706
BaxiMegaflo HE ASystem Boiler24 kWA Rated£808£1,758
BaxiMegaflo HE ASystem Boiler28 kWA Rated£830£1,780
BaxiMegaflo HE ASystem Boiler32 kWA Rated£852£1,802
BaxiEcoBlueSystem Boiler12 kWA Rated£912£1,862
BaxiEcoBlueSystem Boiler18 kWA Rated£993£1,943
BaxiEcoBlueSystem Boiler24 kWA Rated£1,055£2,005
BaxiEcoBlueSystem Boiler28 kWA Rated£1,110£2,060
BaxiEcoBlueSystem Boiler32 kWA Rated£1,132£2,082

Baxi Regular (Heat Only) Boiler Prices

If you are looking for a heat-only boiler from Baxi and their associated costs then below is a full guide to help you make a decision on your new heat-only boiler.

Some older homes require these types of boilers and are mostly found in an airing cupboard.

Heat only, or regular boilers as they are also called are great for homes that have a high consumption of hot water on demand. Baxi’s range has a solution for most sized homes.

They will have two tanks in the home as well as the boiler. One will be a cold water tank and the other a hot water tank. The cold water cylinder is sometimes known as a feeder tank. These are sometimes known as conventional boilers. Find out more on conventional boilers here.

Heat only boilers from this manufacturer can have an open vented or sealed unvented heating system.

Baxi regular boiler prices range from around £650 for their bottom of the range through to £1,100 for a top-end regular boiler. These costs do not include the installation price of a Gas Safe accredited installer.

They do not have the largest range of heat only boilers but they do have a solution for most homes.

Below Are The Top 5 Baxi Regular Heat Only Boilers And Their Average Prices

(Without Installation Costs)

  1. Baxi Solo HE Regular Boiler – Guide Price £650
  2. Baxi 200 Heat Regular Boiler – Guide Price £750
  3. Baxi 400 Heat Regular Boiler – Guide Price £800
  4. Baxi Ecoblue Heat Regular Boiler – Guide Price £900
  5. Baxi Ecoblue Advance Heat Regular Boiler – Guide Price £950

Baxi Boilers Prices Compare Boiler QuotesBaxi Boilers Prices Compare Boiler QuotesBaxi Boilers Prices Compare Boiler Quotes




All of the above boilers come in varying Kilowatt (kW) rating which impacts the price of the boiler. The size of the boiler is reflective of the home and how much water demand you have.

Use the fixed price boiler pricing system from Boiler Central to find out what size boiler is best for your home.

Benefits Of Baxi Heat Only Regular Boilers

Regular heat only boilers have many benefits such as frost protection and condensate pipes that are universal. The power output can be changed by the user from the heating controls or by using a smart home thermostat such as Nest or Hive.

Installation is super easy and can be installed by replacement in 3-4 hours which decreases the price of the installation.

They can fit into kitchen cupboards and are suitable for a range of homes from 1 bedroom to 5 bedrooms however the number of bathrooms or showers mainly indicate what size boiler you need.

They come in a range of prices for all budgets and you can not really go wrong with this leading boiler manufacturer.

Baxi Price Review – Our Verdict On Baxi’s Regular Heat Only Boiler Prices

Baxi heat only regular boilers are somewhat slightly cheaper than many of the other regular boiler brands such as Ideal and Viessmann but that does not reflect in their reliability.

They offer similar warranties to them but come in cheaper which is great news if you are wanting a boiler and not requiring the all singing and dancing more expensive brands. Worcester Bosch and Vaillant seem to be top of the high price bracket for these types of boilers.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that their boilers come with varying lengths of warranty so you might be better paying slightly more for a longer warranty.

Other than that, they’re perfect for any home. Ensure you get the right boiler and get a fixed price online now.

Below Is A Full List Of Regular Heat Only Boilers And Their Prices From Baxi:

Boiler BrandBoiler ModelBoiler TypeOutputEnergy Efficiency RatingPrice without InstallationPrice with Installation
BaxiSolo HE AHeat Only12 kWA Rated£571£1,521
BaxiSolo HE AHeat Only15 kWA Rated£599£1,549
BaxiSolo HE AHeat Only18 kWA Rated£644£1,594
Baxi200Heat Only12 kWA Rated£655£1,605
Baxi200Heat Only15 kWA Rated£677£1,627
BaxiSolo HE AHeat Only24 kWA Rated£679£1,629
Baxi400Heat Only12 kWA Rated£697£1,647
Baxi200Heat Only18 kWA Rated£705£1,655
Baxi400Heat Only15 kWA Rated£711£1,661
BaxiSolo 30 HE AHeat Only30 kWA Rated£726£1,676
Baxi200Heat Only24 kWA Rated£753£1,703
Baxi400Heat Only18 kWA Rated£755£1,705
BaxiEcoBlueHeat Only12 kWA Rated£763£1,713
Baxi200Heat Only30 kWA Rated£775£1,725
BaxiEcoBlue AdvanceHeat Only13 kWA Rated£776£1,726
Baxi400Heat Only24 kWA Rated£805£1,755
BaxiEcoBlue AdvanceHeat Only16 kWA Rated£808£1,758
BaxiEcoBlueHeat Only15 kWA Rated£810£1,760
BaxiEcoBlue AdvanceHeat Only19 kWA Rated£821£1,771
BaxiEcoBlue AdvanceHeat Only19 kWA Rated£825£1,775
BaxiEcoBlueHeat Only18 kWA Rated£835£1,785
BaxiEcoBlueHeat Only18 kWA Rated£838£1,788
Baxi400Heat Only30 kWA Rated£845£1,795
BaxiEcoBlue AdvanceHeat Only21 kWA Rated£871£1,821
BaxiEcoBlueHeat Only21 kWA Rated£874£1,824
BaxiEcoBlue AdvanceHeat Only25 kWA Rated£901£1,851
BaxiEcoBlue Heat Only24 kWA Rated£912£1,862
BaxiEcoBlue AdvanceHeat Only30 kWA Rated£990£1,940

Why Choose Baxi And Are Their Prices in line with the competition?

In general, they are competitive and if you are looking for a boiler with a short warranty then you will get 3 or 5-year cover. There are other manufacturers out there that offer boilers at the same price point but give slightly more warranty.

We would probably recommend a Viessmann regular boiler in today’s market down to the fact that over the last few years they have taken the UK market by storm due to their German engineering.

UK consumers LOVE anything that is German made as we have the view that they are made superior to other brands such as Baxi. Whether this is true or not is another question?

It is always good to compare similar boilers and this is no different.

One thing that does stand out with Baxi is their reviews. Across the web, they have fantastic reviews and this is something that can give you peace of mind before ordering your new heat only Baxi boiler.

What About Baxi’s Heating Controls for their range of Boilers?Baxi Boilers Prices Compare Boiler Quotes

As with all boilers over the last few years, you can choose from standard thermostats right through to voice-controlled options such as Nest or Hive.

Smart homes are coming ever-popular therefore keeping up to the trends is a big plus for Baxi.

Consumers enjoy controlling their central heating system with their voice over Google or Alexa. Baxi Boilers Prices Compare Boiler Quotes

Heating controls can be purchased at the time of buying your boiler so ensure you check which thermostat and heating controls that you will get with your new boiler.

There may be additional charges but a smart thermostat is well worth it in our view.

So, what next?

If you would like to get a fixed online cost with installation included, head over to Boiler Central where you can answer a few short questions without putting in any personal details.

You will get a fixed online price and you can even apply for finance which gives you an instant decision.

If you are looking to prices of Viessmann boilers, the cost of an Ideal boiler, or even the well known Worcester Bosch Prices then we have a guide on boiler prices from the main manufacturers.

If you still need some advice on the best boilers then read this guide on the best combi boiler to buy.

Baxi Boilers Prices Compare Boiler Quotes

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