• October 19, 2020

Boiler Costs: The Average Cost Of Boiler Replacement in the UK  

Boiler Costs: The Average Cost Of Boiler Replacement in the UK  

Boiler Costs: The Average Cost Of Boiler Replacement in the UK   150 150

Boiler Costs: The Average Cost Of Boiler Replacement in the UK    Compare Boiler Quotes

It’s not easy when trying to compare the average cost of a new boiler replacement. We all know about the options and that the modern recommendation is to upgrade to a combined boiler system due to the increased efficiencies and less hassle of installation. 

However the other types of systems can be comparable in price although they may incur more costs due to the requirement of external tanks and cylinders. so, let’s investigate costs and the best course of action for most homeowners.


But what is the average cost of boiler replacement or combi boilers in the UK?


Boiler Costs: The Average Cost Of Boiler Replacement in the UK    Compare Boiler QuotesFor people in the UK, you may immediately associate boilers and boiler installation with British Gas. They are however, one of the most complained about companies in the UK so we used our own expertise and analysed the cost of new boilers.

 We compared it to the average cost of replacing new boilers for each type of system, combi, regular, and system boilers.

 The first thing we found out is that many people in the UK think British Gas gets a better service because it is owned by the British Government! Well, we’re here to dispel some of these myths.  


Top Tip:


Getting a custom price for a new boiler is usually the most recommended way to get costs that are specific to your home. 

In fact, it only takes about 20 seconds to find out how much a new boiler replacement would be for you. 

You can use one of our boiler quote calculators to get a quote and even book a new boiler online with flexible installation times and great financing rates.


Below is a simple average cost chart which highlights the costs of different types of boilers and their range. This is a cumulative average of boiler prices in the UK as of July 2020.


Combi Avg. Cost

System Avg. Cost

Regular Avg. Cost

Budget: £600-800 Budget: £500-£800 Budget: £500-£800
Mid-Range: £800-£1200 Mid-Range: £800-£1200 Mid-Range: £800-£1400
Premium: £1000-£3000 Premium:£1000-£3000 Premium:£1000-£3000

What Else Should I Consider?


Boiler Costs: The Average Cost Of Boiler Replacement in the UK    Compare Boiler QuotesIt all depends on what type of boiler system you have. if you need a new boiler to replace the current system like for like, or would like a system changed from one type to another.  You also need to consider what gas connection you have, how much you can afford and what type of space the new boiler is going to go into as you may need additional piping with further incurred costs. 


Now, considering that you have chosen or found your new boiler or replacement boiler model, you will then need to get a better understanding of the average cost of replacing the boiler including with the installation added on. You need to do this in order to get a more accurate estimate of how much the new boiler unit will cost you in total. You also need to look at how many years your chosen boiler will last from available consumer reviews and how much it will cost to operate before making your decision. 

Boiler Costs: The Average Cost Of Boiler Replacement in the UK    Compare Boiler Quotes

Heating Engineer Costs:


The hiring of a heating engineer to install a new boiler can range from £500 to as high as £3,000 depending on how easy it is and what optional extras you choose or need. 

For a simple task, which would include replacing the existing boiler with the new model and using existing gas and water pipes, the average cost of installing a newer boiler in the UK’s first year of life would be around £500.


The replacement of central heating, which includes the replacement of radiators, water pipes, outdoor venting and gas pipes and/or their redirection, could easily exceed the £3000 mark. This is why it is so important to decide on a system which is easily compatible with your current home configuration. 


REMEMBER: The boiler installation is not a DIY job as it must be installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer. 


More Expert Tips:


Some local heating providers offer you the option of paying for the new boiler on a monthly basis, with payments spread over your budget to help you mitigate the initial upfront costs. One provider of this, Boiler Central, also offer a 15 year warranty on new Viessmann boilers.


You could also opt for an extended warranty as an additional cover for an existing boiler, as the average cost of repairing the boiler is around £200. so, should you have a lot of ongoing problems with your boiler,  it can certainly justify the extra cost of a maintenance or insurance contract. 

Additionally, a new boiler and central heating system are one of the most profitable improvements you can make in a British home. Choose a reliable brand, compare the reliability of boilers online and then set aside money for any boiler problems and you have a more efficient modern system with the additional value added to the home. 

This can offset the initial outlay for a new system.


If you like the idea of having a fixed monthly rate and not having to worry about unexpected repair costs for the boiler, then the insurance plans are perfect for you, many of which include electrical and central heating cover. Consider how long it takes for your boiler to pay for itself, because prudence is crucial when buying such an expensive home improvement. 


Why Would I need a New Boiler Replacement?


If it takes a while for the hot water to warm up and you can’t run a sink or bath, or if repairs don’t improve the situation, you may need to replace the boiler. If your boiler has passed the point where it can be repaired cost-effectively, it may need to be replaced. If you replace an old, non energy-efficient boiler with a new one, we can expect you to save money in most cases. No matter how much your new boiler costs, the operating expenses will be much lower.




You can expect to pay for the installation of a new combi system at your home according to the figures we have compiled above. The cost of installing a boiler can vary considerably depending on where you live, how much work is required and who does the work. 

However, we also warn that you may also have to set aside money to lay pipes for certain jobs. If you replace a boiler of the same type, the cost of a new boiler can be between £1600 and £2500 , depending on the type of boiler. 

We can help you find the best new boiler by making accurate quotes for new boilers in your home. To find out how much you can save, you can visit our website here and get a free no obligation quote. Thanks again for reading. 

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