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  • July 7, 2020

Boiler Comparison: What Type Of Boiler is Best for me?

Boiler Comparison: What Type Of Boiler is Best for me?

Boiler Comparison: What Type Of Boiler is Best for me? 150 150

Boiler Comparison: What Type Of Boiler is Best for me? Compare Boiler Quotes

We know the panic which can ensue if you have a boiler breakdown in your home. Afterall, it is the core of your home comfort, providing heat, hot water, and ultimately bathing capabilities. 


If indeed your system isn’t working, you will perhaps need a new boiler installed. The U.K. averages a boiler breakdown every 12 seconds, so there are thousands of worrying Brits out there each day who need help.

Compare Boiler Quotes and our partner company Boiler Central are here to save the day! Most homeowners are not as up to date on boiler systems and we’re here to demystify the types of boilers available including which boiler type is right for you, and what differences exist between the systems. 


You may have many questions like who is the best boiler manufacturer? What size boiler do I need? Can I switch to a different boiler? How much hot water will they supply? What are the best prices on new boilers? These are all regularly asked questions which we hope we can help with.


The Modern Boiler:


Boiler Comparison: What Type Of Boiler is Best for me? Compare Boiler QuotesWhen it comes to modern boilers, they have changed rather rapidly in the last ten years. These changes are both in the internal parts, electronic components, and condensing flues. What this means is that in this short period of time, when doing a boiler comparison with older models, the efficiency has jumped incredibly. 

When we see the boilers of just 5,6,7, years ago we see efficiency ratings of anywhere from 77% up to 85% , whereas today we have boiler systems with efficiency ratings of up to 98%!

This is due to better heat exchangers, better digital management systems, and condensing flues which take the excess heat and recirculate it back into the system to aid in the heating process.

This means that a new, modern boiler system can save you on your energy costs and on maintenance with better reliability as well. 

How much could you save with a new boiler system? Well, some manufacturers suggest that their latest systems can save you up to £300 a year on your heating costs. That’s quite a savings, plus the higher warranties, less maintenance and better temperature management with digital thermostats mean that the modern boiler is almost sci-fi in its design and performance. 


But, what are the different types of boilers and how do they compare?


The Types of Boiler Systems:

Boiler Comparison: What Type Of Boiler is Best for me? Compare Boiler Quotes

Below, we will briefly explain the different types of boilers and what the key differences between the types are. You may have one of the below systems however you can switch to another should you need to and you can get a simple quote on that here: Custom Boiler Quote

System Boilers:


 A system Boiler is a tank based system which will heat your home directly via the central heating system. It will store hot water in a storage cylinder tank which is usually based in an airing cupboard. 


System boilers usually come in three types which are stainless steel cylinders, unvented, and traditional style copper cylinder systems. System boilers are known to be a more easy installation than other types of systems and take up less space. 


Combination (Combi) boilers:


Combination Boilers, or combi boilers as they are more commonly referred to, are boilers which will heat your water and central heating directly without the need for an external tank cylinder for storing hot water. 

They heat the water internally inside the boiler unit and provide the hot water on demand when you need it. Kind of like an instant hot water kettle. The combi boiler sucks the water in from the mains supply and heats it unlike other systems which have the cold water provided from a cold water tank usually in the attic.


These are newer, more advanced systems which are compact, efficient, and long lasting with better reliability. 


Heat only boilers:


Heat only boiler systems are also known as conventional boilers, regular boilers, and traditional boilers. 

These systems also have storage cylinder tanks to store hot water for later use. These can store more hot water and are good for larger homes with low water pressure and multiple bathrooms. 


Which Boiler is Right for Me?


Boiler Comparison: What Type Of Boiler is Best for me? Compare Boiler QuotesWhen doing a boiler comparison<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>, you may have several options available for your home. This means that if you have a smaller home, a combi would be perfect for the efficiency, less space required due to lack of tanks, as well as instant hot water direct from the system. However, if you have a 4-5 bedroom home with multiple bathrooms the choices become almost confusing. This is because you can normally recommend a system boiler with higher water flow and more hot water storage but the choices are more vast now due to storage combis.


With a larger home, you may need a lot more hot water to run more than one bathroom simultaneously. 

A powerful 35kW combi boiler with internal storage tank in the combi unit would solve the problem.  This is because it is a unit in between a combi and a system boiler as the tank inside the combi unit is the equivalent of a 150L storage cylinder which is used by a system and regular heat only boiler. 

Modern, advanced combis such as the Viessmann Vitodens 111-W are a perfect family home boiler with high hot water rates and heating up to 20 radiators at once. This is more than enough for most homes.

For smaller 1-3 bedroom one bath homes, a simple 20-30kw Combi boiler is perfect, especially a Viessmann Vitodens 050-W boiler as it is capable , affordable, compact, and extremely reliable. 


What Else do I Need to Know?

Boiler Comparison: What Type Of Boiler is Best for me? Compare Boiler QuotesWhen doing your boiler comparison, look for a system with a high warranty of 5 years plus. Many manufacturers such as Viessmann are offering a standard 10 year warranty. This is mainly due to one thing, another item in a boiler you need to know about before you buy. 

That is the heat exchanger. Viessmann and other high quality manufacturers offer a stainless steel heat exchanger, one of the highest fault parts of a boiler. This heat exchanger is so robust that there hasn’t been any warranty cover used on any heat exchanger since Viesmann implemented them. 

You also need to look for the installation cost and make sure that any installer is gas safe registered before you book  a fitting.




We hope that the information above has helped you to make your decision on the type of boiler you need for your home. If you’re doing a boiler comparison online then please try this new boiler quote calculator to get a personalised price for your home specifically. 

Also, if you want a quote on boiler cover for an existing boiler then please see our partner site. 


Thanks again for reading our helpful guides and come back again for more information and tips on boilers, boiler manufacturers and the latest boiler tech. 

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