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Warranty For Ideal Boilers

Ideal Boiler Warranty

Warranty For Ideal Boilers

Warranty For Ideal Boilers Compare Boiler Quotes

Every boiler will come with a standard warranty, combi, system or heat-only boiler, each make and model will vary on the warranty length.

With combi boilers being the most of the boiler types, you can compare this to other top brands and really find out who makes the best combi boiler.

Warranty is excellent for peace of mind in case any problems occur.

Ensure to register your brand-new boiler within 30 days of installation to keep your warranty valid.

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Ideal Boiler Warranty Covers:

All Ideal boilers will come with a manufacturer’s warranty, when you register the warranty it will cover you for original Ideal workmanship labour and Ideal original parts replacement or repairs at no cost.

Be aware the warranty Will not cover any Ideal boiler issues if the issue is not The manufacturer’s fault, Misuse accidental damage or breakdown, or a non-registered Gas Safe engineer has interfered.

For example, the Ideal F1 fault code will likely be included as this is just a loss of pressure, given that it isn’t you who caused it.

More often than not Ideal boiler controls and thermostats will not be covered either.

The Length of the Ideal Boiler Warranty:

All the standard warranties will vary on the boiler model and range.

Ideal warranties usually vary up to ten years.

The Ideal boiler has to be registered within 30 days of installation to keep the boiler warranty valid for the full length of time. Fail to register the warranty and you will only have cover for 1 year.

You may have the option to extend your warranty up to a lengthy twelve years depending on the model you choose and if you use an Ideal accredited installer.

Ideal offer promotional warranties, meaning the standard warranty could be extended due to terms and conditions with no extra fee.


Terms and Conditions For Ideal Boiler Warranties:

Always ensure to have read through the terms and conditions once you purchase your boiler to keep your warranty valid for the full period of time. Failure to do so will mean if an issue occurs you will not be covered.

Warranty terms and conditions can be found at

Some of the main terms and conditions are listed below:

  • The boiler must be Registered within 30 days of installation to keep the full warranty valid.
  • The Gas Safe registered engineer must ensure to fill the booklet out correctly which comes with the boiler.
  • The Benchmark commissioning sheet must be completed Correctly by the Gas Safe accredited installer and then kept at the property where the boiler is installed.
  • The Ideal boiler warranty will start from the date of installation.
  • Proof of purchase,  invoice, or completed Benchmark commissioning sheet will keep the warranty valid. No proof of purchase to show will validate the warranty from the manufacturer’s date.
  • The boiler must be serviced annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer to keep the warranty valid. So remember to have an Ideal boiler service for the acceptance of your warranty and be sure to see what the boiler service cost may end up being before you book.
  • If the boiler is moved to a different location without approval from Ideal your warranty will no longer be valid.


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Your boiler installation company will register your warranty.

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